Mimikyu’s Song [eng subbed]

The name of this is called no uta.

Though this new may look like a horrible looking and , it is actually rather sad. After listening to its song, I felt sorry for this lonely pokemon!

This awesome song was officially released on Oct 20 2016 by the Pokemon co. ,as a new introduction trailer for the 3ds game Pokemon .

Original video was taken from ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル


  1. screw cat ladies, mimikyu ladies are the new trend.

  2. The meaning of this song is really heart-breaking :'(

  3. Fuck you Pikachu I got Mimikyu on my team.

  4. New rule: Whenever you see a Mimikyu, you have to catch it, no exceptions.

  5. ThatFoxLillian óÔÔò

    That was cute and sad at the same time. I hope more Pokèmon get songs.

  6. what if at the end mimkyu takes off his costume and it reveals a new
    fairy/ghost pokemon, thatd be cool

  7. lol congrats 400 subs and you’re in youtubes trending section!

  8. I want to know whats under that goddamn cloth, i dont care if itll pull me
    down into the depths of hell if i do, i want to know nigguh

  9. Was on the fence about Mimikyu, assuming it was another pikachu knock off,
    but Nintendo was smart to make this and now i’m kind of a fan.

  10. Now, I can’t wait for when Ash and Pikachu meet a Mimikyu, just to see
    their reaction.


  12. #LoveMimikyu

  13. I’ll be you’re Frand

    Like if ur his friend too

  14. Can we be friends?


    Of course we can :_:

    Translated Lyrics

    YO YO, listen to Mimikyu’s rap

    I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu, you hear?
    Just a lonesome little Mimikyu, you hear?

    The sun in the sky it’s just a little scary
    The places I love and where it’s nice is gloomy
    I really want to be friends with all of you
    That’s why I try to be just like Pikachu

    These clothes I’m wearing, you think they look fitting?
    I made them myself, isn’t that amazing?
    Don’t flip it up, that’d be that’d just be the worst
    If you take a peek you just, you just might be cursed

    I’m not Pikachu I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    I’m not a monster I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    With big claws I’ll definitely protect you
    With thunderbolt I’m sure to be a help to you
    I’ll train to be you ally to the end
    So please, won’t you make me your friend?

    I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu ya hear?
    Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    Just a lonesome little Mimikyu, you hear?

    I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    I’m not a monster, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?
    Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu, ya hear?

  16. A friend asked me if I loved Mimikyu. I said no.

    Because mere human emotions cannot fathom the amount of love and affection
    this cute little spook deserves.

  17. New rule: fainting a mimikyu is forbidden, they can’t be used for ev train
    or grinding

  18. I wasn’t planning on catching mimikyu but now i am.

  19. Thank you all for watching and sharing the video!
    What I did only was to loosely translate and sub the original video.
    Therefore I am really astonished by the overwhelming number of views!

    I think that although many fans of Pokemon have seen the original Japanese
    video,many had difficulty finding the subbed video online. While some of
    us(including me) are able to relate to Mimikyu emotionally, as probably at
    some point of our lives, had similar struggle. Others came to know about
    the existence of Mimikyu’s song through this video.

    Now that the momentum is going, please continue to share this video!
    Outside of U.S, our friends hardly know the existence of this awesome video
    released by Nintendo!

  20. I still think Mimikyu should be friends with Wobuffet’s tail

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