Mikroskopisk Pacman

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Encellede flimmerdyr fungerer som «Pacmen» mens flercellede hjuldyr er «Ghosts» i et mikroskopisk eksperiment som lener seg på kultdataspillet fra 1980.

Institutt for - og nanosystemteknologi () ved HSN

Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge – Kunnskap for fremtiden.


  1. Everybody the title says microscopic pacman

  2. So 1980’s…………at least give them a mini HTC Vive

  3. прикольная хуета

  4. Y’all have way too much free time.

  5. It’s hilarious trying to watch this with English subtitles! You get a
    combination of Google’s bad audio interpretation and Google’s bad

  6. tax money working hard… great job fellas.. build us a damn Ant Man suit

  7. this shit creepy

  8. machiavellimadman

    Pacman Forever??‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  9. DeadliestNinja8

    Wish I took French class

  10. what are those?

  11. when scientists have free time

  12. Slither.io DO IT!

  13. great to see our tax dollars are going towards something meaningful

  14. Just another person on the interweb

    Can someone please help me understand this I’m really curious but don’t get
    it (germs eating other germs? Could be way off but that’s what it looks
    like to me)

  15. SH4D0WXR33CONt1

    And when I murdered my entire family and got sent to jail they said Pac-Man
    was just a game!

  16. Abraham Hernandez

    when ur a scientist and u get bored

  17. That song isn’t pacman it’s x-rally

  18. This is more like Maze Runner than Pacman.

  19. Glad to know we aren’t the only country wasting tax dollars

  20. Jeg snakker Norsk ikke. Jeg liker Engelsk.

  21. i lightweight understand norwegian and they’re just talking about the
    movement of the protozoa and shit inside their little pacman-like maze
    structure… its not really that interesting and the title is somewhat
    misleading… its not an actual recreation of pacman, its just some
    microscopic pieces of shit fucking around inside some tiny ass maze

    but in norwegian :o

  22. Mhm. Yes. Exactly! I can confirm I do not understand whatever that language

  23. Ardavion Williams

    Tax money

  24. Wear’s PAC man?????????????????

  25. allhaillukeywes

    Has science gone too far?

  26. But…why?

  27. Cool

  28. hypotheticalpine

    someone call PETA

  29. Science!

  30. 1:42 Heard it?! He said vagina

  31. FREAKS!

  32. no dots you’ve failed me

  33. Square Squid Studios

    This is pretty cool…. buuuuuut… I don’t see any dots~

  34. Kversta er geen kloten van.

  35. Тимка Панин

    когда ученым скучно.

  36. what is this

  37. Ахахаха, “садисты”)

  38. Жестокое обращение над бедными животными. Инфузорий жалко ;(

  39. Spore Pacman O_o

  40. this is how the hunger games begin

  41. рак раков

    занятно но почему то вспомнился фильм идиократия… в чем смысл этой…

  42. Анатолий «69» Прядка

    You know, I thought I had seen everything in my life.
    But now.. Fuck, world, thank you exist..!!

  43. Den Orange, Black and White

    надо еще сан Андреас с микробами устроить

  44. Михаил Янкин

    Лекарство от СПИДа? Нет! Packman в лице микробов!

  45. Сергей Архипов

    need more plz)))
    you are best))

  46. Степан Куликов


  47. ничего не понял, но круто)


  49. Dank science

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