Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War – Loot Of The Rings (Final Jimpressions)

Our last look at Shadow of Mordor delves deeper into how the loot system has changed the game, and the fact that Orcs have lost their flavor.

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  1. The nemesis let-down thing actually happened to me in the first one – had no idea who he was. But from everything I’ve seen of SoW, it looks like the orcs have definitely been made a lot more generic. Seen about a hundred Horzas in reviews, screens and videos.

  2. This is like getting the Jester as lover in Dragon’s Dogma. I mean the bit where your rival was someone you don’t even know. 😀

  3. Actually this has never happened to me when it comes to attacking a fortress. Though, it’s mostly due to me taking on the Warchiefs first so the deference’s are disabled. And then I just shadow strike a archer on the Fortress, and jump over the wall, use Birds eye. Shoot the Grog Stacks by the door and blow up the gate. So they can rush in that way.

    Only ever lost captains on their own missions which I don’t attend or when I defended a Fortress in Shadow Wars Act 4 which is rare for me.

  4. Jim’s final nemesis should have been the Orc merchant.

  5. I don’t mind the Lootbox talk. Keep shinning that flashlight till all the cockroaches run away.

  6. I’m super excited about “Fuck with the Orc Merchant” GOTY Edition

  7. imma wait for it to go on sale.

  8. Pack Mentality Media

    Huh. In my ending, the league of orc nemesises that attacked me were all ones I recognised. Same with the necromancer mission. I was really impressed by that element of it.

  9. “Fuck with the orc Merchant” Review:
    “ten outta ten, ten outta ten, hunded outta hunded, Best game, Best Game!!”

  10. I played through the first game, but I never got attached to the orcs. What was I doing wrong!?

  11. It’s always the exact amount of down votes whenever I see jims videos.

    Their consistent little fuckers.

  12. Sounds like the Orcs in Shadow of War are about as durable as the weapons in BotW.

  13. So did you not understand that the nemisis is from the first game…

  14. Leave the Orc Merchant alone, before they implement a 2 orc minimum purchase on each visit. Stop kicking the nest Jim???

  15. I liked the game, hated the end game grind and never touched a loot box because fuck that.

  16. Dammit Jim theyll make that minigame a dlc in the next one!!!

  17. I’m writing a petition to WB about how they unfairly mistreat orcs in Shadow of War and that they aren’t some nice piece of meat on the side, they have feelings. My petition will help bring light to why WB feel they should shove orcs in loot boxes like a pimp.
    Orcs deserve better.

  18. Jim is so immersed in SJW culture that he will literally unironically complain about enslaving fictional video game orcs.

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