Microsoft HoloLens: Young Conker

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Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing adventure game that highlights the fun of playing in . Levels change and adapt to your environment, so you can play the same level in different rooms for a unique experience every time.

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  1. Christian The Balloon Scout


  2. Didn’t even know about this until I saw AlphaOmegaSin’s reaction vid. I
    came here solely to see the comment section. LOL!!!!

  3. he looks like he’s gonna start singing about liking crackers and snacks

  4. all of the aids…all of it

  5. Steven Hanson (ElectricReshiram101)

    Microsoft and Rare fucked up Banjo & Kazooie and now Conker’s Bad Fur Day.
    Battletoads is probably next.

    oh no

  6. Ladderadder Mcglitternips

    This is exactly what fans have been asking for

  7. Xbox sux


    how does it know that’s a couch

  9. madmarsrocks2012


  10. Colin Jr Pendergast

    Everyone please post of #BringConkerBack

  11. A Very Clever And Unique Username

    Oh for fucks sakes. Whose fault is this?

  12. This game idea is bad and you should feel bad.

  13. No, that’s not conker. Kill the imposter!

  14. Hey guys, there’s a petition to cancel Young Conker, follow this link and
    share it #makeconkergreatagain

  15. Dear Microsoft, you cancelled Conker’s Big Reunion for this kid-friendly
    shit? Bad company, bad! Kill this shitty abomination and give the Conker
    fans what they really want: A real sequel.

  16. Fuck you Microsoft

  17. It’s just because he looks nothing like conker

  18. R.I.P conkers bad furday

  19. no it’s not a “fantastic opportunity” because you guys just ruined one of
    the best game icons…
    who cares if it’s a platform game in your living room, who cares about
    that! wanna know what people really care? play a real conker game. not this
    stupid kiddy platformer.
    and because that people is hating HoloLens is now easy to do

  20. They really thought that people would have been satisfied with this design
    ? I_I

  21. Japanese porn game developers have heavy breathing

  22. conker: kill me :,( kill me!!!!!

  23. I love how they started that troll music at 0:14 LOL MICROSOFT XD

  24. Microsoft giving us another example on how to KILL a beloved video game

  25. Hasta aqui llego conker :v

  26. nobody in particular

    Moral of the story: don’t do holo-crack, kids.

  27. This video gave me aids….
    Fuck you Microsoft!!!!

  28. Wait till JonTron gets a load of this

  29. You bastards killed

  30. (1) Conker wasn’t already young? (2) Why would you take a character that is
    more famously associated with an ironically mature franchise and act like
    it’s always been family-friendly?

  31. nooo plz conker no ;(

  32. It’s more of “Conker WAS a much beloved property” at this point. God dammit

  33. HwoarangtheBoomerang

    Fucked up in the first 5 seconds by calling Conker a “property”. Therefore
    taking any life out of this rambunctious squirrel and making him just a “$”
    with a Conker skin attached.

  34. Isn’t it enough that you “killed” Banjo Kazooie??

  35. It Ain't Over Yeti

    >Conker looks like he was rendered on windows movie maker
    >Take one of the most beloved badasses in gaming and turn him into a shitty
    kids character with no personality.
    >you’re essentially watching a 2d platformer with no real interaction.

    Microsoft. You are absolute cancer.

  36. D:

  37. I cant even believe rare would let this happen. ha

  38. Justin Moore (Jusmoore)

    uh Excuse me Microsoft, Conker never say oh hack, He only say oh hell ok,
    but wow that is the most weirdest (& Funniest) resigned Conker I ever seen
    in my life, way to go Microsoft.

  39. Microsoft,here’s a translation of 18k+ dislikes would say:
    TO HELL.

  40. Microsofts handling of Rare IPs is going to cause a shit-singularity I
    never thought possible. What in the actual fuck is happening.

  41. A kids conker game why just why Instead just use banjo and kozie

  42. ExperimentalPhantom

    fuck you

  43. You guys should be fucking ashamed of your self for what you did to
    Conker…. he’s ruinED RUINEEEEEEEEEEED I WILL never touch this it’s a
    fking insult to Conker. i hope you guys are happy with yourselves you’ve
    killed the IP

  44. Just Give Rare To Nintendo Already So They Can Save The Games We All Knew
    And Loved Not This Nuts And Bolts/Young Conker Bull Shit

  45. delete this

  46. I fail to see the hatred for this…isn’t this just essentially a novelty
    tech. demo? The Wii was praised for its gimmicky motion controls that
    barely functioned at launch, but this seems like it actually works. I’d buy
    this for about $10 to help the technology develop.

  47. I Microsoft just purposly trying to piss off any Conker fans and completely
    tarnish the reputation of any Rare franchise?

    Seriously. Was there any reson Conker needed to be in this and be
    reperesented like something a 2 year old had drawn?

  48. WTF?! IS. THIS?! #BringConkerBack

  49. chaos “x” wolf

    I can’t wait for yooka-laylee, the first real rare in years

  50. 0:20 why is one of the frenchie squirrels from CBFD’s multiplayer game
    working on this game? Shouldn’t he be dodging Tediz snipers and machine

  51. words can’t describe how disappointed I feel about this.

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