Microsoft Bringing Xbox Games To Steam, Says Customers Should Have A Choice Of Where To Buy

Microsoft has injected a little bit of spice to the one-sided arms race between Epic and Valve, pledging to release its Xbox Games Studios titles on Steam.

In stating players should have a choice of storefronts, Microsoft is going back on its decision to wall its titles within its own woeful storefront. This is part of a broader effort on Microsoft’s part to share its software with more platforms.

Between the Game Pass, its support of cross-platform play, and a budding relationship with Nintendo, I gotta say Microsoft is doing some decent work lately.

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  1. I really wish it was Steam fighting for Steam, not Microsoft.

  2. Everything that pisses Epic off sweetens the day.

  3. Mircosoft pulls the No U card.

  4. Wait.. Hold on a minute…
    Am I supposed to love MS now!?
    Dude, these are confusing times…

  5. Valve learnt an important technique from Luigi; winning by doing absolutely nothing.

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Chance of being liked: *Exists*
    Microsoft: *It’s free real estate*

  7. Microsoft has been turning around and started to act appropriately. This is such a turn of events that I’m excited what else they’re going to do.

  8. Can’t wait for MCC coming to Steam with Halo: Reach! 🙌

    Pd: thanks, Microsoft.

  9. Epic: Stupid
    Microsoft: Not Stupid
    Valve: Zzzz…

  10. You know Epic has a PR problem when even Microsoft is dunking on them.

  11. Siddhartha Singh

    Phil Spencer has been revolutionary for the Xbox brand.

  12. Microsoft wisely taking advantage of royalty checks by putting their games on other platforms.

  13. I hope, in the end, that the “pacifist” run of Valve gets them the GOOD ENDING.

  14. And in the corner for the Good Guys! MIIICROSOOOOOFT—- wait, what. *reads card* Are you sure there’s not been some kind of mix-up?

  15. Microsoft: *ends exclusivity for cross-play pc games*
    PC Gamers: *Everyone liked that*

  16. Microsoft with the greatest face turn since Macho Man hugged Miss Elizabeth at Wrestlemania 7.

  17. That’s kinda badass. I could go for some ported XBox games.

  18. Sorry Jim but Steam is winning by doing NOTHING.
    “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself” -Napoleon

  19. Pinch me! Jim is talking nicely about Xbox! I’m not dreaming am I? 💚

  20. Steam: My work here is done.

    Everyone: But you didn’t do anything…

    Steam: *flaps cape

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