MHWorld | How to kill Nergigante in 1:26

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Our first successful run was 1:53 until we decided to do one last run before ending the stream and 1:26 magically happened after three hours of finding/practicing our strategy lol

It’s not that Nergigante is too easy. it’s the torch pods that deal too much damage when stacked wich explosions. Betas are supposed to help fix things. So even if this one is close to release it hopefully gets fixed sometime in the future.

✦ Skills ✦
Atk 4
Crit 1
Def 1

♬ Music ♬
Undertale OST – NGAHHH!!


  1. Holy shit, beta and already broke the game xD

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  3. Nergigante just thought: “I should better cancel the quest…”

  4. To quote Torgue from borderlands.

    “I have one question for you! Explosions?!”

  5. It’s literally seconds ago a friend of mine told me how hard it is to kill Nergigante. I sent him this video. He cracked.

  6. First Nergigante Hame!
    Made in Germany!

  7. it’s not even out and they already broke it….

  8. *16 Seconds!* From the time Nergigante was paralyzed to his death!

  9. The return of HBG meta

  10. The traditional weapon of the great hunters of old: Repeated mortar strikes.

  11. dat frog, its the MVP and the bane of paralyzing every poor sod near him….

  12. 1 min 26 secs 1/26 january 26 release date. an omen maybe?

  13. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    “How to break Monster Hunter World before even released”

    Team Darkside in a nutshell

  14. Air strike inbound. Lol worse than a dragonator

  15. 잉??????????

  16. Let’s all take a minute to remember a fallen hedgehog

  17. TerminalMontage [Jeremey]


  18. When you spend more time going to the monster than actually killing it…

  19. Hope they fix that in some way. Cause despite being funny this seems kinda ruining the game experience :I

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