MHW: Iceborne – Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang

Get ready for the most brutal brawls of your hunting careers… Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang will blast and punch their ways into #Iceborne this March for PS4 and Xbox One, and April for PC.



  1. Rajang about to pick up Astera and say “you forgot this”

  2. Kart palicos: “… We’re gonna need a bigger kart.”

  3. Dude they even went out of there way to give Raging Brachy his own well deserved remaster of a remastered Theme

    I’m about to start crying……

    • @blobvisfan 666 What? Raging Brachy’s design hasn’t really changed much at all from his previous appearance aside from the carapace seemingly being an even darker navy rather than dark green from 4U/GU, and being more detailed in general obviously. The rampant slime growth and tantrum-esque animations look plenty “organical” to me.


    • Pedro Vilar I’m not gonna hold my breath, I know better at this point.

    • ​@Owen His head shape is slightly different and he looks more rugged (maybe that’s just me). But one thing that is definitely different is both his fists and the texture of the slime. Now it almost looks like it’s lava. And come on, do you think an obsidian carapace with geometric shapes all around (specifically his head and tail) doesn’t look sorta robotic? By the way, there’s a spinoff variant of him where he gets transformed into a literal biomech.

    • Theres a bad time to me
      New season of rainbow six
      And im here sad without my xboxone because its broken

  4. Adam Ulrik Onsberg Christiansen

    When you notice the trailer hunter is wearing silver rathalos just to survive long enough to show Them off…

  5. Rajang: Its time
    Hunter: what for?
    Rajang: The hot Rajang Di…
    Brachy: make it double!

  6. Monster Hunter World: The Very Angry Update

  7. Me: tempered rajang is soo annoying

    Furious Rajang: allow me to introduce myself

  8. Raging Brachydios: “So anyways I just started blasting!”

  9. Now we just need a quest or event where they put Seething Bazel+Savage Deviljho+Furious Rajang+Raging Brachy in same time and call it “Anger Management”, perfect way to introduce a hell..

  10. Looking forward to the NCH cartoons these monstrosities will lead to.

  11. 0:22 inb4 someone makes a mod where brachy screams “MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA” when he does this attack

  12. Hunter: *Defeats Rajang and turn back to get back to Seliana
    Rajang: *Get up slowly turning into Super Saiyan 2* this wasn’t even my final form
    Hunter: Ight imma get out

  13. Hunter: Proceeds to hunt Raging Brachydios
    Raging Brachydios: So you have chosen…DISINTEGRATION

  14. behe the gaming axolotl

    Me: did you literally just block off my escape route
    Raging Brachy: yes
    *the screams and sounds of explosions ensue*

  15. One time I met a really confident dude saying how raging has 0% chance of coming and he’s gonna laugh at me when raging doesn’t come. Well *who’s laughing now?*

  16. MH: Releases ANGERY BOIS update

    Doom Eternal: Releases in about a month


  17. this update in a nutshell: “im not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with ME!”

  18. Me: this gonna be fun
    Brachydios/Rajang: we about to clap them cheeks

  19. “Hey you know how Rajangs already enough of a pain in the ass to fight?”
    “….. go on…”
    “What if we made him even MORE impossible to hit and annoying”

    • “Hey you know rajang right?” “Yup the dragon ball monkey.” “What if he could go EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!!!” “Oh dear god no!”

  20. People who say, “these are just re-skins,” and “Capcom is lazy” are too superficial to understand the differences in the gameplay.

    • Zer0wl When everything and everyone around you is special, being Normal is the most powerful thing to be. Same goes for MH Monsters too. We don’t call them beasts; they’re “monsters”.
      But not Safi. He IS a normal dragon.
      Normal Dragons are usually naturally regenerative entities that use their own powerful souls for energy.

    • This shits free who would complain about free reskins, now whene we start talking about paid reskins I can understand complaints

    • @MegaNerdyJock sorry to dissapoint, but that’s false, since i’m greek and i don’t recognise that word, i googled it to see if it was lost in translation and i saw that they mixed it with a different word and also got its translation wrong and they also mixed it with ancient greek, so whoever tried to explain this got the whole thing messed up

    • @Paul Shippuden you do know that there is an ENORMOUS difference between ancient greek and modern greek? he simply forgot to mention that it is ancient greek, apart from that his explanation is correct

    • @Maru Nylos i’m sorry that i confused you, but what i meant was that when it’s modern, they mixed and wrote that it’s ancient on google

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