Metal Gear Survive: Single-Player Gameplay Trailer

Get a look at base-building, crafting, and luring zombies off of cliffs in the upcoming Metal Gear release.

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  1. The first thing that strikes me from watching this & last years gameplay demo, was how ordinary the gameplay looks compared to MGSV GZ’s & TPP. Looks like your going to require very little gaming skill to take out many enemies. Just being honest!

  2. F#$k Konami

  3. Dead rising 5 looks good, but I think they put the name wrong.

  4. The very representation of trash

  5. I love Kojima style cinematic scenes that looks like a person holding the camera all the time, this one got none of it.

  6. More like ‘metal gear trying to survive without kojima’

  7. Konami milking kojima’s product.

  8. Who came just to dislike?

  9. The Last of Metal Gear

  10. That black man is from konami talking to hideo kojima telling him u created MGS now we push ur coffin to the sea ! Damn konami u worst than EA

  11. Metal gear version of Fortnite

  12. I mean if you don’t see it as a Metal Gear game it could be fun

  13. Thy just ruined the series, WTF!!!

  14. Fortnite on steroids

  15. What a hypocrite, you guys would only buy this if there’s “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” slapped on the title.

  16. I like how people are living in denial towards this game as if they have a loyal dedication to their idol. I guarantee if this KonamiKojima feud never occured everyone may have a more open mind toward this.

  17. No thanks, we will play Death Stranding.

  18. I would’ve felt a little better about this if it wasn’t just the mgsv maps rehashed still wouldn’t have bought it tho

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