Metal Gear Survive – It Is Shit (Jimpressions)

Metal Gear Survive is here, and it’s worse than I expected.

I thought they’d at least TRY and make it feel like Metal Gear, but instead it truly is a derivative, irritating, bog-standard survival game.

There so much rubbish to laugh at I forgot to even mention the microtransactions!


  1. I can’t wait to never ever play this game!

  2. The worst part? This POS has 80% positive reviews on Steam. And costs $40. Phantom Pain costs $20, Rising costs $30, in case you were curious.

  3. Death stranding is gonna Kill konami outta gaming

  4. After this and that Castlevania pachinko, I’m still waiting on Castlevania: Succubus Pillow Fight Xtreme, Dragon Dildos now microtransaction only.

  5. So they removed the last third of Metal Gear Solid V from existence, and they sold this instead.

    If you murder the Metal Gear series that cruelly, would that be considered a literal war crime?

  6. This looks like the most expensive, and well looking, asset flip ever.
    Generic zombie survival aside, i think some of the issues fans have with MG survive, is that it uses the Metal Gear brand for something that has nothing to do with Metal Gear.
    Do you remember Jim a few years ago Super Bunnyhop did an investigation about the whole Konami vs Kojima ordeal? In that video he said an anonymous Konami insider had told him that Konami execs had the intention of burning the MGS franchise to the ground. Well, here it is, MG survive, the weapon to destroy Metal Gear.
    But we shoulndt be surprised about this to be honest. Konami buried Silent Hills, a game that would have made a killing thanks to name recognition alone (because of all those involved), and then went ahead and produced this… this garbage that dares call itself Metal Gear.

  7. What the actual fuck. How is this very positive on steam?

  8. Jim, why did u break up the zombie on zombie love?
    I was beginning to kindle an emotional investment in it’s gameplay… ☹

  9. Props for the Bad Dragon reference.

  10. wtf was konami thinking here? This game is like dlc. A bad dlc at that. It looks horrible, gameplay is garbage.. I really wanted this to be good, but damn. This officially cemented the death of Metal Gear. Good job konami.

  11. Welp I found this Steam Review for the game: “Everyone’s angry about that kojing jong guy who cares this is a good game without him. let him make that baby simulator with the walking dead guy and we can enjoy this game in peace”

    So i’m sold on it.

  12. Wait so what is the plot here? Big Boss and Miller leave the base, the soldiers are going to bury their dead, the UN arrive to help out, a giant portal opens up in the sky and poof there are uni-zombies?
    It’s like one of those ultra lazy ‘we just need an excuse why you are shooting monsters’ late 80s arcade box plots – “Two cowboys are ridding along wondering how long they need to evade the law until they see their families again… And then aliens show up.”


  14. At first, I seriously thought you were playing some terrible Unity asset flip from Steam as a gag. But then the realization set in that this is the actual game.

  15. This game is the new Umbrella Corps. It’s shit and it’ll be dead on arrival.

  16. Metal gear: Stabby stabby poke poke zombie.

  17. A bad review after only that much game play? You didn’t even try the best feature of the game. The 1 that lets you save multiple characters. Its so good, they charge $10 usd for each character. Buy it now while supplies last XD

  18. I love Metal Gear, I love zombies, I love sand boxes and I love survival games.
    Yet, Konami successfully managed to put all these things together and turn them into *utter shit.*
    WTF were they even thinking??

  19. I don’t know what to say to this… A game that looks straight out of the PS2 era. But the worst part is that they used the Metal Gear name to sell this shit. Wormholes? Zombies? Metal Gear always had some weird enemies and whatnot, but making a zombie game with the MG tag? What were they thinking? A truly disappointing display of disrespect to their own grand franchise…

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