META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 2: Out Of Bounds | Glitch Productions

Tari has warped into the video game; Ultra Jump Mania! With the guidance of Theo, what trials will Tari face in a game where terror looms around every corner?

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Thank you to AMD:

Next episode of Meta Runner drops next Thursday 12pm PST!

About Meta Runner:
In a future where video games are everything, young Meta Runner Tari must do whatever she can to uncover her past. E-sports, sci-fi, and video games collide in Glitch Production’s first fully animated series.
Created by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul

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  1. Do you want to increse the number of Meta Runner episodes to past 10? Yes: like No: Nothing Edit:Thanks for so many likes!!!

  2. Tari in SMG4: Hides herself and is scared about any danger.
    Tari in M.R.: **Procceds to punch a rip-off of Exeggutor**

  3. Theo: LETS A GO
    Mario: I’m about to end this childs whole career

  4. Tari: (escapes from the game)
    Theo: (also exits the game)
    Tari: *You’re not suppose to be here*
    Theo: *Neither should you*

  5. Tari: Explains complex game warp to Theo
    Theo: sounds like you died

  6. Tari: *brings theo nto earth
    Theo: Is ThIs A sEcReT LeVeL????

  7. Theo: I am Theo, King of ALL the lands!
    Me: *thinks he said “Dio”*
    Also me: *Cries in confusion*

  8. Tari:*jumps through the dlc wall
    Robot: Hey, That wasn’t suppose to happen

  9. First Episode:*Leaves in a Cliffhanger
    Me: *inhale *exhale its ok I can watch next week , 1 week isn’t that long… right?

    Me also: If episode 2 leaves in a cliffhanger I cant wantch episode 3 next week cause im busy

    Episode 2:*Leaves in a Cli-

  10. Stropion Animations

    Tari: *jumps over the wooden gate*
    Beach Bot: Wait, that’s illegal.

  11. I just realized every films credit roll tells you which processors were used for rendering. Here it was AMD soooslol


  13. Theo: Lets-a-go!

    Me: tHeO iS mArIo CoNfIrMeD!!

  14. *L E A V E M Y S O C K S A N D S A N D A L S A L O N E*

  15. Agent gaming Official

    Tari” Hey, leave my socks and sandals alone, I think they’re cool.”
    I think they’re illegall

  16. *gone onto the trending page

  17. 3:27 Tari: You do know you’re in a video game, right kid?
    Theo: Yep! Sure do!

    Me: This is giving me some serious Wreck-It Ralph vibes right now!

  18. It is a good game name but i think it would be better if it was *”Coconut Land Fever”* or something

  19. 😢 I was sad when Taris arm was getting amputated but I was relieved when it didnt happen…. THANK GOODNESS

  20. That DLC part was awesome, *you just Nailed it so much!* XD. Great episode, Hype is Real bois…

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