Melee’s Intro Recreated in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Video Editor…and It’s Amazing! We Compare!

Sass253 has created a shot for shot remake of Melee’s intro within Ultimate’s 3.0 Video Editor!

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  1. Almost as amazing as that GUN truck stage.

  2. It’s not melee…… it’s better than melee

  3. Amazing now let’s see the video editor do brawl next.

  4. Okay, I’m thoroughly convinced that Nintendo made Yoshi’s final smash specifically for someone to do this.

  5. Everyone go and yeah that post right now.

  6. A part of me cry inside seeing Ridley in this. Big guy is finally playable!

  7. Check out the creator’s channel for the original video

    PLUS a special version with no music and the original Sound FX:
    And here’s more information about how it was created from the creator:
    Finally, make sure to go LIKE the actual video in Smash Bros Ultimate itself! ID: 9JW10RLW

  8. Steve Eric Jordan


  9. Haha!
    I was wondering why JigglyPuff was HUGE.
    Took me until the comparison to figure out.

  10. Junpei Draws / Gacha

    Lol! Duck hunt in the intro was just perfect!

  11. Super Shy Inkling

    This is awesome. The creator literally got everything right. The HAL Dog, the Black Hole Teleportation by Ness, the flash right before Shiek’s scene, Kirby riding the warp star item, it was all carefully thought out and the effort shows.

  12. Using Duck Hunt as a stand-in for the HAL logo was a genius move on Sass253’s part.

  13. Seeing the comparison between the two really shows how far Smash Bros. has come in terms of graphics and quality. Nothing but mad respect for Sakurai.

  14. bat comics2Ze_ro#BandanaWaddleDeeforDLC

    Super Smash Bros. Meleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Ok,now someone make Smash Bros. Brawl intro in Ultimate

  15. This.

    THIS deserves to be in the highest parts of the “By Popularity” sorting list than a majority of the videos that actually are there. This is a dang good job on the creator’s part.

  16. almost as good as Daisy on the ledge and “she took the kids”

  17. The Animated Guy

    That re-creation of Ness coming out of the black hole was absolute genius – as was the whole video! Great job to Sass253 😀

  18. This is a bit late but I love the new logo design for Mario Maker 2

  19. Sass TwoFiveThree

    Wow — this got the GameXplain treatment. Thanks!
    One other note: I’ve uploaded a version to YT with no music and the in-game sound effects turned on. It sounds… different.

  20. Christopher Moon

    People: It’s not Melee!

    Me: *_Oh, are you sure about that?_*

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