Meet Loba – Apex Legends Character Trailer

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The best thief in the Outlands, Loba uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport where she wants and take what she pleases.

When she was nine years old, Loba Andrade witnessed her parents’ murders at the hands of the simulacrum Revenant. Left to her own devices, Loba used her natural knack for thievery to claw her way into a high society life. With Revenant’s reemergence at the Apex Games, she’s determined to use her unique skills to claim her revenge. And whatever loot she can get her hands on.

Loba has a keen eye for valuables — so keen she can see top-tier loot through walls. She uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport out of dangerous situations or enter lucrative ones. And she can even pull valuable loot to her Black Market Boutique, allowing her squad to load up on all the best gear.

Ready to steal the show?

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC:

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  1. Artist: yo what should I add to this character? Other artist: AsS

  2. There is gonna be SO much porn of this character. You have created a monster.

  3. She has a portable stripper pole lmao

  4. “The rise of the looters”
    Ngl I’m really excited for this

  5. Welp, she’s gonna break the game

  6. Bruh nothing compares to her chemistry with revenant. Like you can just tell how much she hates him and I love it

  7. Vaughn Greenidge

    So we not gonna talk about how no one asked for YouTube to move the comments section

  8. Quinton Tashinga

    Prepare for lobbies filled with LOBA in every squad, talk about an OP legend.

  9. Rule 34 artists: “Write that down write that down!”

  10. Demo Mesa, But he has 2000 subscribers


    A literal Ender Pearl
    X-Ray Hacks
    And The Creative mode inventory

  11. Tap On My Pic!!! MY L1VE V1DE0 IN 2 MINT

    When Apex legends make new characters

    artist: ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) hehe

  12. LOBA: You killed my parents, why didn’t you just killed me too
    Revenant: Knowing she is gonna grow up extra thick “You might me of use to me yet”

  13. Giancarlo Rodriguez

    They designed her like that on purpose because she flirts by saying ” lovely”

  14. “Don’t let looks fool you”…

    Me: 👀

  15. Everyone is admiring Loba’s ass but Mirage finally got his buff!

  16. 99% of comments: Loba has a fat caboose!

    1% of comments: Mirage buff!

  17. Passive Ability: Enemies are distracted by her thickness

  18. her: “all that loot looks heavy, here, let me help you with that”
    me: “o-ok, sure” 😳

  19. Someone at the Apex team was like: “Give that gurl a big, fat booty”
    Whoever that was, he’s my hero.

  20. “But don’t let looks fool you” – while showing close up ass shot

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