Medievil PS4 – Bone Daddy (OMGH)

A dropped showing off Medievil for , a full Medievil remake that will bring one of my most beloved games back to where it belongs – the modern day, every day.

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  1. TheKarlOshaughnessy

    OMG I never got to play this game I only ever got to replay the Demo over and over

  2. Jim when are you releasing Jim sterling branded dildos I need them in me and my life

  3. Jim is really about anything featuring Skeleingtons.

  4. I really hope they include MediEvil II in the remake along with the original. They were both great games and are critically underrated.

  5. This game was Soo fun. I could not stop playing it when I was younger,.

  6. First Crash, then Spyro and now Medievil. It’s a childhood nostalgia dose we can’t get enough of!

  7. i hope they add for steam and switch just like Crash, Medievil was amazing and still is an amazing game, i hope they do Medievil II later

  8. Return of the original skeleton warrior?

  9. I got a BONER

  10. Brought to by BOGLIN-VISION

  11. never clicked so fast…this is my favourite game…so glad jim likes it

  12. “No much regard for medievil 2” dude I and many people on Twitter I talked too played the shit outta that and want it to be remade

  13. There is only one Bone Daddy and that’s Ainz Ooal Gown

  14. I remember being too scared to play Medievil and Soul Reaver back when I was young. Lmao. The nostalgia

  15. I loved this game growing up and boy does it need a remake. I always loved the story of this game. It was kind of clever and funny. Sadly the biggest problem of the game was it was one of the earliest 3d platform games, with the all the problems that implies. I remember some really bad moments where your had to jump platforms in where the camera swapped views mid jump. Too bad directions are based on camera location, making you have to go from pushing forward on the stick to pushing backwards mid air. All on jumps that had next to no leeway in your jump distance.

  16. I really hope Soul Reaver and/or Syphon Filter are next in line for a remake! Oh, and Medievil 2 obviously – not as good as 1, but also fun!

  17. Hopefully next is Ape Escape. I want more Ape Escape in my life

  18. i know this is a full remake but i pray the original is available to play alongside this remake, i’m more interested in reliving the original than a remake. You compare it to the ‘new and tasty’ remake of abes odyssey, but that totally failed to surpass the original and made so many odd/unnecessary changes that i still much prefer the original

  19. It occurred to me that the “modern” direction for new _MediEvil_ games could be to *spoof Soulsborne* video games/lore.

    I mean, they WON’T do that. But they should.

  20. imagine if they announced this for mobile XD

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