Match of the Week Promo: Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

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Watch Hai and FlyQuest battle his former team Cloud9 on Sunday, February 12 @ 3 PM PT.

Tune it @

Journey (Ready To Fly) by Natasha Blume


  1. Hai gonna send Jensen back into toxicity


  3. C9 Blue vs C9 White

  4. Hai>Jensen!

  5. HYPEP HYPE HYPE1!!1!!!1

  6. This is a good anime

  7. I’m actually gonna cry omg. #sohyped

  8. DeadlyBlackDragons

    Is Jensen gonna tweet, “Time to clap on Hai”?

  9. This teaser is more hype than legit every “CLG vs TSM” teaser they’ve made

  10. Mirza Muradbegović

    There is more hype for this than there was for the superbowl

  11. This is arguably the best ‘LoL match teaser’ video that’s been made.

  12. I’m a fan of C9 regardless of their lineup, but I really hope Hai destroys
    Jensen lol.

  13. Reminds me the Fnatic vs Origen 2k15. old teammates and now becames the top
    teams. Pretty hyped.

  14. oh man, I love both teams, how could you not as a C9 fan, they’re basically
    both C9.
    But this is gonna be both tough and awesome to watch XD

  15. Best Hype video for league ever, honestly. Better than TSM vs CLG

  16. Cant Wait to Clap Faker 😀
    Cant Wait to Clap Hai :D

  17. C9: Civil War

  18. I’m wet

  19. When hai said “oh yeah? We’ll see about that” gave me chills!!!

  20. am i the only one hyped for sneaky vs lemon?

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