Master Yi’s Ring Sword (League of Legends) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. You guys know how much we love builds here on , and this week, we’re taking on another epic build from the classic video game: ’s !

Kerry Stagmer – Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer – Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev – Master Armourer and Engraver
Sam Salvati – Blacksmith
Lauren Schott – Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell – Fabricator

Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Series Produced by Brent Lydic

Episode Build Directed by CJ Schmidt

Line Producer – Phil Rogers
Production Manager – Benjamin Montague
Office Production Coordinator – Brendan Kennedy
Post Production Coordinator – Amanda Arellano

Director of Photography – John Hale

Story Producer — Dave Cross
1st AC/Red Cam Op – Jason Remeikis
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip – Danny Balsamo
Swing (Demo) – Joey Bruce
Production Coordinator – Katelynn Zimmerman
Runner/PA – Hugh Taylor
1st AC (Red Cam) – Jeremy Hall
DIT – Nate Spivey
Set Medic – Celeste Bowe

Edited by Chris Otwell
Lead Assistant Editor – Matt Zimmel
Stunt Coordinator / Stunts – Casey Kaleba

Head of Post Production – Michael Gallagher
Special Thanks to our CosPlayer Stella Chuu

Special thanks to Alien Go Boom


  1. Pyrrha Nikos’ Sword/Javelin Miló, and her shield, Akoúo̱, from RWBY!

  2. cant wait to see Illya on forged in fire

  3. 5:56 thats why peapole hate yi players

  4. Kisuke Urahara Sword(Bleach) pls!

  5. Leona

  6. can you guys pls make the key to shambala from Uncharted 2?

  7. Sven from dota Sword!

  8. zed suriken pls

  9. Sam such a troll…

  10. Definitely would love to see you guys do any of the mmpr weapons,
    especially the Sword of darkness, Power sword, or an actual working dragon
    flute dagger.

  11. Let’s go serious fantasy – I’d like to see your interpretation of Elric of
    Melnibone’s STORMBRINGER
    Please :)

  12. TerraSword (Terarria) PLEASEEE

  13. undyne’s spear from undertale would be cool

  14. ichigos’s fullbringer bankai sword

  15. Could we get RWBYs scythe

  16. Genjis ninja sword from overwatch

  17. 8:58 – 9:06…. da face, my fear…

  18. oathbreaker

  19. Tohka’s sword from Date a Live plsss!!!!!!

  20. Oberyn Martells Spear from Game of Thrones, that’d be awesome

  21. Nikana prime from warframe pls!!!

  22. renji sword from bleach

  23. Legolas bow pls .

  24. or Tryndameres sword :O

  25. ike sword from fire emblem pliss :v

  26. Ronans Hammer

  27. where’s the sword boots?…

  28. Make “Dragon Nikana” from Warframe!

  29. Zed’s blade from the league of legends please!

  30. Pls do Riven’s Blade

  31. Kilian Markus Schaefer

    Csn you made the sword of project yi’s ult

  32. Pedro Guilherme Miranda

    Riven’s Sword From League of Legends PLS

  33. Rourouni Kenshin’s reverse katana!!!

  34. Zed’s sword from league of legends plz

  35. draven’s axe pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Can you guys please do another mixture of weapons again? Like the original
    way it was supposed to be.

  37. green destiny sword

  38. tf2 the bushwacka

  39. Kill la Kill Secret Sword Bakuzan(or split in 2:Bakuzan Gako and Bakuzan

  40. make duncan macleods sword pleaaase! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!

  41. Ανδρέας Κρίσιλιας

    You should make the solar exotic sword from “Destiny the taken king”

  42. Can you guys make krul’s sword from vainglory would really love to see it
    in real life and made by you guys 🙂 thanks

  43. Tatsumi sword – Akame Ga kill……Claymore sword…..Darker than black –
    Lee dagger :D

  44. garen sword or yasuo sword plsss

  45. Competent player for Master Yi… lol…

  46. Do tryndamere’s sword pls

  47. Big gorons Sword The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time!!

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