MASS EFFECT™ Official Video – N7 Day 2015

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  1. I don’t find any comments at all complaining about the voice being femshep
    and not male shep. I find a shit tone of comments saying “Look at all these
    butthurt comments about maleshep.” There isn’t a single one.

  2. What a woman instead Shepard? Daughter?

  3. And thus N7 day was ruined by whiny little shits. Well done, assholes. Well

  4. i started reading some comments and realised how many stupid people are

  5. Whats your favourite race in the ME series in a whole and do you want them
    to somehow feature in ME Andromeda… mines the Quarians and yes i would
    like them to somehow feature in andromeda 

  6. HOLY. SHIT.

  7. ;~; Ehhhhh

  8. Femshep is narrating because Shepard was originally supposed 2 be Female.
    That should clear it up.

  9. Femshep is narrating because Shepard was originally supposed 2 be Female.
    That should clear it up.

  10. This told us nothing.

    Wait, did I see a multi-color choice where we bend over to the Big Bad?

  11. Guys, I know this is a bit of a weak link, but what if in Canon, Shepard
    lives, and Bioware was so secretive about the fact that the Pathfinder in
    the original video because that pathfinder IS Shepard! Not to mention that
    Shepard in this video constantly refers to “We”, and assuming that she is
    talking to either the pathfinder we play as or a group of pathfinders, then
    Shepard may possibly be the leader of the pathfinder Initiative.
    Or I’m just having smoke dreams…

  12. At 0:44 you can read Ryder/Rider on the Dog Tag on the left

  13. Did anyone else get goosebumps at the very end when the start menu theme
    from the first game started playing?

  14. Beautiful vid 🙂 but I have to ask… Does anybody know name of the song?

  15. so Mass Effect is like the next HALO Series .. Remember guys when they said
    HALO 3 was going to be the END , FINAL GAME , THE TRILOGY FINALE … etc ?
    then there was Halo 4 ? Halo Wars ? Halo 5 ? Guardians ? and mass effect
    with Andro … Andromeda yea. LOL

  16. The original concepts for Shepard were female. Google it, it was tweeted a
    few years ago and it’s now been found again to mock all the idiots whining.
    Shepard was originally a woman, your male character was actually not the
    canon gender. Cry about that you embarrassments to men.

  17. The question is are they going to fuck us like in ME3. Im still recovering
    from last time.

  18. I’m crying like a baby… Please… More…

  19. Mass effect + Xbox one = One Great Game

  20. Александр Карасинский

    Why woman’s voice instead of normal shepard’s? WHY!?!??!?!?

  21. I am pretty sure the biggest reason fem!Shep is in this is because JENNIFER

  22. You are all so arsey, fuck dam i played as Male shep and YES i didn’t get
    the voice but Geesus calm down.

    Also i feel this would have been more impactful if BOTH voice actors were
    saying the lines together.

  23. All of u self-involved idiots don’t you see the massage that this trailer
    is bringing ???Fuck the stupid game something big is coming .

  24. Thank you bioware, I needed some closure. I have faith Andromeda will be a
    great game.

  25. Крутой Котэ (TeamProSTRIKERS)

    чё шепарда не будет я так понял печаль:-(

  26. the most epic game ever

  27. Юра Смаглий

    OMG. This voice <3

  28. how is this canon when in the last game i made everyone become computer
    programs in a vr reality. Is this a prequel? back when we started as either
    sole survivor, or saved everyone choices during character creation

  29. Wow just wow it kinda sad though. It like saying goodbye to an old friend
    knowing you will never see them again.

  30. So possibly the official cannon from Mass Effect 3 (if you didn’t play the
    previous games) to this game is Commander Shepard is female Paragon(good,
    Jennifer Hale’s voice is better!), with Liara rommance…and it was the
    destroy ending with her surviving, and you play as one of her former cadets
    from the N7 Program…and it’s basically looking like Star Trek involving
    another galaxy now dubbed, ANDROMEDA…. Anyone else got any theories?

  31. Trailer music please!!!?

  32. Wow! Goosebumps.

  33. Goddammit Bioware,my balls are gonna explode if you don’t quit teasing me
    like this.

  34. the outro sound *_* memorys

  35. Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel

    man her space kitchen has a sweet echo

  36. This is so awesome

  37. Jennifer Hale is such a better Shepard.

  38. I was sucked right in, right up until she said she is commander shepard.
    Not being a pig, just being a fella i get pulled out of the immersion..but
    i like the trailer and eagerly await the new game

  39. I got so excited when I heard Jennifer Hale…and then she says “signing
    off” and you realize she wont be around for the next game….we all
    suspected as much but then the game gets our hopes up with the beginning of
    this video….then dashes them again.

    You are a cruel mistress Bioware.

  40. what….Sheppard? WHAT 0_o

  41. I had goosebumps when i heard the name Shepard!!!!

  42. Holy heck so like was Earth too covered in Reaper eezo or something and are
    having to find a new galaxy, how far in the future is this, I mean what
    ending was canon then, if we are using that ship to cross the the void or
    intergalatic “dark” of space to Andromeda, did we invite new drive or
    engine, is it only humans, what about taurians, AHHHH TOO MANY QUESTIONS!

  43. I cried.

  44. Shepard go the HELL!

  45. Ooo… goosebumps!

  46. I read this comment section and wonder how the fuck people think feminism
    isn’t needed anymore.

  47. I played so much male Shepard that I didn’t even realize femshep was
    speaking… Awesome trailer!

  48. Seriouslt, This was chilling. Im glad she gave a message before leaving or
    i would have been hurt. To rip someone so special away without saying
    goodbye wouldnt have been cool

  49. Meer would’ve broken the Internet.

  50. what if hale and meer are the new protagonists O.O

  51. How come they used the female voice?

  52. This seems to suggest that during the events of the original trilogy,
    Commander Shepard sent an N7 operative/team off to the Andromeda galaxy to
    ensure mankind’s survival in case the Reapers were successful. I like it.
    Would be a good link to the original trilogy. I’m excited!

  53. واو اتسعراض اكثر من رائع

  54. It would be nice if there was a male Shepard version of this video!

  55. now that’s the only way I’m gonna accept that commander Sheppard is no
    longer with us, now you have some big shoes to fill up, please take your
    time don’t rush it, just make it the finest way to explore the stars, I’ll
    pay for a season pass just don’t fill us with micro transactions and IF you
    put multi-player make it worth it not a filler, is not a requirement in
    order to make a fantastic experience, please please don’t blow it

  56. After the Illusive man, Shepard is being the Elusive Man/Woman.

    Really, this trailer doesn’t say anything much more than: “Hey! Shepard
    here. You will wander the galaxy. I should go.”

  57. Not getting the new Mass Effect unless I can play as a male character.

  58. Right, now do this with male Shep and I’ll weep.

  59. So that will be the new ship/citadel place, uh?

  60. I know there are a lot of talented voice actors who could take on the role
    of Mass Effect’s new protagonist, but it’s going to be hard to match
    Jennifer Hale’s performance as Commander Shepard.

    That was one of the best teasers I’ve seen.

  61. While everybody’s busy arguing over the self-insert’s gender, I gotta ask:
    hadn’t Shepard died in a blue/green/red explosion?

  62. My nipples are sooo hard.

  63. Chasing the Improbable


  64. So, not to overspeculate here, but this pretty much confirms that the
    destroy ending where Shepard survives is the canon ending right? Because
    they said this is set way after the end of the reaper war. Still, my faith
    in the gaming industry rests with very little developers and one of them is
    Bioware, honestly can’t wait for this!

  65. They should have had male shep and fem shep alternating lines (would have
    worked perfectly because of the pauses) and then at the end, at the same
    time, they both say “This is Commander Shepard, signing off.”

  66. Everyone arguing about the female Shepard voiceover and I’m just sad about
    Shepard saying that she/he is signing off… It feels like Bioware’s way to
    tell us, that Shepard’s story is over and we won’t be hearing about her/him
    in the next one :(

  67. Goodness I hope this next game has Shepard as the main character.

  68. it had to fem shep to do the voice over

  69. sheppard….

  70. So you do survive the ending of three?????

  71. If this is the last good bye to ME, we want one voiced by Mark Meer!!!…

  72. This made me cry little >.>

  73. “We are travellers…” … standing in elevators, waiting for levels to

  74. Really, really annoyed that Mark Meer isn’t the one voicing this
    trailer…Any chance we could get a version with him? Male Shepard was the
    face of Mass Effect waaaaay before EA decided to create a default Fem Shep
    for Mass Effect 3…He should be the one voicing this, not Hale…

  75. Rémi Cavaillé-Coll

    I’m the only one who hear “this is Commander Sheperd” at the end???

  76. What If the Ark ship in the video is a retrofit collector ship?

  77. The last sentence send chills all over my body. I played ME with german
    dub, so I didn’t recognize Shepards voice until the end. I hope we will be
    able to find hidden voice records or datas from (or about) shepard.

  78. An interesting video of MASS EFFECT in which we see the astronauts in space
    orbiting the Earth & seeing the stars.

  79. Any one know the music in this?

  80. well, thanks for the subs, appreciated

  81. Canon Shepard is male!!!! Get the fuck out of the game industry feminists!!
    You’re parasites that WILL be wiped from this earth. I can guarantee you

  82. Why the hell did you use the female Shepard voice? No one immediately
    identifies with the her voice when the main character is male by default.

  83. I am a cis male, but I think Jennifer Hale’s voice is fucking phenomenal.
    There, I said it.

  84. I hate how people are saying they messed up me3 when the only has thing was
    the ending like the game was good who cares about one tiny part they didn’t
    ruin the series so I still trust them

  85. I would have loved a trailer where both female Shepard and male Shepard
    were trading lines and at the end, they say in unison, “This is Commander
    Shepard, signing off.”

  86. Wow, those graphics look REAL!

  87. This is Commander Shepard… And this is my favorite store on The Citadel!

  88. even more streamlined and with even less rpg elements.

  89. The first note of the Vigil theme kicking in at the end brought a tear to
    my eye and a chill down my spine.

    Wish I could say I will be buying this, but I’m not going to buy a XB1 or
    PS4 just for this.

  90. am i the only one here who played with both characters and loved it? cause
    here i can only see people who are bitching about Femshep voice, i guess
    those are the same people who were bitcing about the endings too!!!

  91. Вадим Лубягин

    Mass Effect СУПЕР ИГРА!

  92. Okay okay Bioware ,you did it. But tell us who is Ryder? Why Shepard? WHY?
    SHE IS DEAD! Give us answers on these questions. Please

    P.S. I wish to calibrate weapons on this ship

  93. Idk man something aint right. I call fake.(if u go to 0:34 ull c)

  94. fuck the hate comments, good by tali and man tear for remembering the fun
    of all 3 me games

  95. Since I always played as male Shepard I don’t get the vibes as other people
    probably do. I know it doesn’t mean much but for me it does, I’ve heard him
    talk over and over and got used to it

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