MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer

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A new adventure awaits in the universe. With stunning visuals and a new galaxy to discover, BioWare delivers the next generation of space exploration.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Holiday 2016 to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Performed by
Written by Stan Jones
Published by Memory Lane Music Group and Edwin H. Morris & Company, A Division of MPL Music Publishing, Inc.
Recording courtesy of Sony Music Nashville


  1. I’m glad that it’s in the future it was really the only choice though 😉

  2. Bipedalius Australopithecus

    Wait why the FUCK didn’t I hear about this sooner? I’m so goddamn hyped
    right now! Was this really at E3?

  3. Honestreviewshow

    +Bloggerboy1000 its a trailer don’t expect it to follow every moment in it.
    it just jumped to the next thing which is being planet side on the new

  4. +Honestreviewshow The N7 reveal is a copy of the ME3 reveal except this
    time the dude carries a gun which is even stupider unless he plans to
    teleport to the planet via the same room in a matter of seconds.

  5. I want a brown ending jeez the last ending felt to raciest lol

  6. +nnooooooooooob It just doesn’t give off the Mass Effect feel.

  7. +Toveri Juri I am not saying that the entire series sucks. I am just
    expressing concern to the plot in the new game. I do enjoy the entire
    series as a whole

  8. Don’t you dare ruin this. >:(

  9. Look. If I can:

    1. Play as more than one race.
    2. Have the freedom to move between the Milky Way and Andromeda at will
    (because recruitment and resources are over in the Milky Way, why the fuck
    would everybody ever be in Andromeda at this point, the pioneering era for
    civilization in that galaxy)
    3. Visit homeworlds like Earth, Palaven, Sur’kesh, Thessia, etc. for
    supplies, sidequests, and resources.
    4. Customize ALL the things.
    5. Not be called the “Pathfinder” throughout the whole goddamn game,
    because I heard that is what the Protagonist is called. I don’t want a
    repeat of “The Inquisitor” because nobody knows my last name, including my
    boyfriend/girlfriend/Love Interest, because that’s just shitty treatment of
    lovers to never give them my name.
    6. Drive a charmingly buggy but not broken Mako. At least some of us had to
    love that thing’s antics from time to time.
    7. Not have some shit, convoluted, copy-paste of the HALO 4 Forerunner plot
    as my main quest.
    8. Not have some plot twists from the box office hit movie INTERSTELLAR.
    9. Have a bisexual female Turian love interest. Heterosexual would also
    work as I do play a male character, but I gotta think of the female
    10. Not have a RedBlueGreen ending.
    11. Have said RedBlueGreen ending from the previous game mean jack-shit,
    because we all wish we could forget that damn ending.
    12. Control our squadmates ala Dragon Age.

    Then I will be happy with this game. If not, you killed the series, and I
    will not consider this game canon. If you miss a few of these I won’t care
    as long as you can make up for it in other departments.

  10. I will admit that the first one had the best story, but the combat
    mechanics kind of sucked, and the only class worth playing was the soldier.
    The enemies werent balanced either. Getting nearly one shotted by a geth
    sniper that can climb walls was not fun.

  11. +_Hugana _ I haven’t played the game but from reviews it seems the writing
    (draw of Bioware games) is really bad in Inquisition.

  12. Nah, I love him and hate him. I love him for being somehow a tickle to my
    funny bone, but I hate him for being bland

  13. +Pete Madrona And I just really love how Johnny Cash’s jams always mix up
    perfectly with Sci-fi stuff like this and the trailer for Prey 2

  14. TheStarToursTraveler

    +_Hugana _ I’d rather EA go bankrupt and release all of their enslaved
    development houses.

  15. Is Commander Shepard in this game

  16. Is this part 4 is going to continue on part 3? where Normandy crashes and
    joker survive?

  17. Vincent Perrier

    My james vega died by a mako explosion because of harbinger

  18. +J20p00 yo. I know it too. My dad insisted I listen to the Man in Black

  19. So I’m supposed to spend hundreds of hours playing another trilogy… just
    to have everything destroyed in three different colors again. Sry, but

  20. +SIedgeHammer83 Oh the SJW boogeyman, here we go again! :^)

  21. Oh, thanks for telling me the right thing

  22. Is our ship again normandy sr 3 

  23. +John Connor Get a job

  24. +Bloggerboy1000 2 and 3 were great except for 3’s ending of course, but
    that fucking mass effect 2 and combat excuse isn’t valid I’m sorry. Besides
    you’re talking shit about the combat in 2 and 3 because you don’t like
    shooters and you’re doing cool thing to do right now, the cool thing to do
    right now is to talk shit about shooters.

  25. +alexfreestyleboy ok I have a theory which to me sounds plausible to me
    hopefully to other as well. If you recall in ME2 while on Illium, and you
    meet Matriarch Aethyta the 1st time she explains why she serves drinks
    instead. she talked about how the Asari should build there own mass relays,
    stand on there own to feet.she claims no one on Thessia wanted to hear her.
    now we know Asari have a thousand year live span. so long space voyage
    would not be unrealistic. then in ME3 when shepard is talking to the Asari
    councilor when Thessia falls under reaper control. she explains plans must
    be taken to insure the survival of the galaxy races not just the Asari.
    also we find the artifact on Thessia just happens to be a Prothean device,
    and one of the shepherds teammate is a Prothean expert.I think the Asari
    built there own mass relays (in secret did recon of the Andromeda galaxy )
    way before humans came into the picture. but sometime in ME2 & ME3 should
    Shepard fail. I think the counsel built a large space vessel, using top
    scientist, and specters agents, hand pick colony groups, set out to leave
    the galaxy to colonize the next galaxy in a temps to outrun the reapers. &
    somewhere along the way the Asari built mass relays were destroyed on the
    way out so no return yet to date to the milky way galaxy, in the Citadel
    archives during the fight with your clone, you come across a recording of
    sovereign’s attack on the citadel from ME1 if you step into the recording
    it starts talking about the reapers not as a figment of shepherds dreams or
    rumor, but explains what we know about them, so it show the council took
    Shepard seriously, which would explain why he did not suffer to much for
    blowing up the mass relay in the arrival DLC. maybe the council felt they
    had more time or stalled so they could launch there Ark ship.

  26. I got to meet one of the voice actors the day before it’s initial private
    unveiling, and he got me really excited to check it out! This looks like an
    amazing series to get into :)

  27. Funny how I was thinking the best way to go about the future of Mass Effect
    was to go to Andromeda, that way they could make it familiar, but all new,
    with a new rich lore to discover. Then I happened to search Mass Effect 4
    and what do you know, they thought the exact same thing, obviously it’s
    many years later, but it really is a great way to go with the series. I
    hope they give us a lot of ruins to explore and lore to find, they should
    make it so there’s planets you can explore when you don’t have a side
    quest, and make it so you can find lore, and even some lost tech. Those are
    the parts of the Mass Effect series that always stood out, and the same
    thing with the HALO series, like discovering the flood for the first time,
    glad to see they are going this route.

  28. +KIGENTS People like to make big deals out of anything now a days. 🙁

  29. +Emil Fined thats the point of a teaser. to show you nothing but still
    announce the game

  30. +Kiliab Gonzalez Do yourself a favor man, this isn’t something I would say
    lightly. Mass Effect 1 was the first of the series so it suffers from being
    mildly clunky and having aging graphics, so feel free to skip that one.
    What you should do, because you owe it upon yourself to do so, is buy ME2
    and ME3 for last gen consoles or on PC. I swear that you won’t regret it.
    If you play through them both and don’t like them I will cover the cost you
    spent haha. These games are incredible, and I’ve never played a game that
    was as touching as this trilogy was.

  31. R StandsforRated

    +TjOrTuxy I’m with you. Just look at Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inq,
    Bioware knows how to learn from mistakes. This game has to be good, it’s
    Mass Effect after all.

  32. +TjOrTuxy ME3 is bad? I think it’s great tho…

  33. Dear Bioware

    Don’t day one DLC us. Don’t tell us that our choices matter for years and
    create an ending where our choices don’t really matter. Don’t take away
    actual exploration and give us a crappy, boring scanning minigame.

    Don’t get me wrong, the shooting was great, but after you were bought out
    by EA, it’s like you forgot what made the first Mass Effect so compelling.

  34. “I’ve seen Jack Thomas comments here” Provides no evidence. “He’s just
    trolling” common reaction when you are proven to be a idiot don’t you
    rather people wonder than know. “No need to take him seriously” So we
    should take those who dislike a game that isn’t even out yet seriously? If
    you click +1 you can see who thumbs up the comment it wasn’t me. You look
    like a complete idiot now because of me 🙂

  35. +Daniel Escobedo I’ve seen Jack Thomas’ comments here. He’s just trolling
    or just an asshole in general. No need to take him seriously. Oh , he also
    thumbs up his own comments.

  36. +griffithsbs 3,867,917

  37. +Arsch Burger I thought the same about the music.

    Then again, I hope it is a bit of a space western (or at least a “Used
    future” kind of setting). If you think about it, the events of ME3 were so
    devastating that perhaps society has spent the last few centuries trying to
    rebuild, and were using a lot of tech from the original trilogy (this one
    is allegedly centuries in the future). That would allow us to see the
    technology we like, but make the whole setting different enough to be set
    apart from the original games.

  38. +Archdevil66 Okay but the character why does he have to be an N7 soldier
    just like Shepard? If your going to move on to a new protagonist usually
    you don’t want him to pretty much be like your last one with a different
    name. And country in mass effect, please no.

  39. The music has purpose. It’s to represent the exploration that the game will
    focus heavily on. Like the cowboys exploring the new frontier.

  40. +Epic Psycho You know after so many titles that EA has butchered, it should
    have already been burned to the ground years ago.

  41. Oh, hello, Agent Washington. Ah, it so good to see you again.

  42. So……..what I’m getting is classic brown haired Caucasian
    male…..again. LOL everyone has to he White in video games. I do
    commemorate Ubisoft for having Ajay…nice touch from the others…..but
    seriously would it kill to have a protagonist that’s Asian, Black, Indian,
    Latino…yea they have side characters and all but it’s not nearly the
    same….btw I bet Liars will be alive and be a Matriarch….and Grunt will
    be a Koran warlord

  43. I heard we might be getting a female krogen party member 

  44. +Dan Notz So why do you hate EA so much?

  45. No, you can customize your characters face and gender. So it’s definitely
    not Vega.

  46. Fallout, dishonored, mass effect, metal gear solid, bioshock infinite,
    uncharted. <<< which games do you think is the best, and whats your opinion about it and whether or not to play it.. (ps, so far i only played bioshock infinite and its the best game ive ever played)

  47. The extended cut fixed that so they didn’t explode, just damaged, but

  48. +Androvsky That’s not possible man.Multiple option dialogue like ME,Dragon
    Age or The Witcher will always have bad animations,yet still good games

  49. +TheMadThresher i felt the same about shepard i felt that about the whole
    game its most gripping game hell its the best game on the 360 i have played

  50. First off, it’s not a reboot, and second, how does this in any way present
    the same scenario as the original trilogy. This game is about exploration
    and colonizing a new galaxy, not stopping a galactic threat. Also, we
    haven’t even seen any in game cutscenes or gameplay yet.

  51. In excited about this game but some things are weird. Humans are expanding
    and other aliens aren’t? So there is no war going on? They are just letting
    the alliance take planets? That doesn’t make sense. Why is the alliance
    expanding and not the aliens? Why is there no fighting over land? It’s
    kinda weird tbh. I will be disappointed if there is no fighting over
    planets and humans become the power house of the galaxy. I hope Bioware has
    this all planned out.

  52. Join the hype train guys!!!!!

  53. David “Einherjar133” Mužík

    +mrjacob0101 I think they stated, that the timeline is after original ME or
    at the same time (dunno) but as you said, I may be wrong

  54. That warp effect though… like omg

  55. AWESOME, more cowboy music, and more dlc for destiny cant wait! We dont
    need that scifi feeling, with good scifi music, fuck that! COWBOY MUSIC ALL
    bored just watching this trailer! 😀 And dont forget to include all the
    gay, lesbian, transexual and straight love scenes into the game too because
    thats what a future scifi game needs. Screw actually putting effort into
    the story, and developing complex political situations, having a developed
    exopolitical vibe, and feeling like your in a more enlightened scifi
    WANT TO PISS OF THE FEMINISTS. And dont forget to not include anything of
    real value and importance into the game, we dont want to offend anyone!

  56. No more complaining people if all you fucks do is piss and moan all day how
    will you enjoy anything you’ll end up as a fuck-up.

  57. Frostbite 3!? Say goodbye to your physics

  58. This song better be in the game!

  59. Office of Naval Intelligence Intelligence

    I’m commander Shepard and holy fucking shit this is one of the best
    trailers for a video game I have ever seen.

  60. I don’t care about open world, I don’t care about multiplayer or co-op. All
    I want is just a good single player campain with a good story and
    interesting characters, maybe some more playable races.

    And also, just release the whole game at once please. Not too many patches
    necessery to play it, and hopefully not too many expensive dlc’s.

  61. Guardian of Septream

    Well…. This seems to be a thing now.

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