Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – Quill Got It (Jimpressions)

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a damn sight better than Marvel’s Avengers, but that’s hardly high praise. That game was bloody awful.

By contrast, this is a well written, well paced, well made game. That’s a lot of wells, this game has a lot of licensed music. Well, well, well.


  1. I really enjoyed this game. Combat got a little repetitive by the end, but I really enjoyed the characterization of the guardians and the story.

  2. I’m kinda relieved that Jim found the game not only fun but really fun. It’s nice that Square finally made a marvel game that’s a good time…..

  3. I expected this to be awful, now I might consider picking it up in a few years second hand.

  4. David Wentworth Art

    I feel like the big studios make one passable game every so often just so audiences don’t completely turn on them for all the bullshit they make the other 95% of the time.

  5. Well you said it Jim “Unremarkable” and Quill seems to be stuck with two cryolaser pistols that look like they came from “Borderlands”

  6. This must be one of the fabled games they like, I’ve heard so much about in the last game review 😂

  7. I understand that it takes a while to get used to the combat style in the game, but how long does it take to get used to the strange twisting and warping of the pattern on the back of Starlord’s jacket?

  8. If I had to discribe it, I’d say it feels like some sort 80’s metal Mass Effect. And I’m completely fine with that.:)

  9. It’s always nice to hear that a game I was worried wouldn’t be good, is in fact actually good. I like it when games are good.

  10. >”Gamers don’t watch me anymore.”

    At first I thought that gaming is my primary hobby, so I guess that makes me a “gamer” and I watch you all the time, pretty sure most of your audience falls in that catagory. But you mean the bad kind of gamer we don’t like to talk about…

  11. Honestly this is almost as refreshing as Yahtzee’s Undertale review. I’m just glad J-Steph can still enjoy things.

  12. Sounds like something I might think about bothering to download if/when it eventually comes to gamepass.

    That’s fairly high praise for a AAA game where I’m concerned.

  13. What a pleasant surprise. Hopefully the success of this gives other companies and devs a clue that we don’t want live-service crap.

    Another positive; Drax has jiggle physics. #Bless

  14. I’m glad that the consensus is that this game is good, because it represents a lot of things I’d like to see the industry get back to supporting more often. It’s bright and colorful, feature complete, single player, and it’s fun without a bunch of grinding.

  15. It feels like playing a “Guardians” Movie in the best way.

  16. Also can we talk about the difficulty accessibility options? You can completely change how much damage you take, the enemies take, etc. It’s not just a easy/medium/hard choice, and I think that’s amazing

  17. Sterling’s final score: positive inflection on “it’s alright”/10

  18. The tens of thousands of hours I have spent playing games make me a hard core gamer by default, so you didn’t lose your gamer viewers, just the ones you probably didn’t want to have.

  19. I too had written this game off and was pleasantly surprised by the reviews. I’m so glad you brought your perspective and it was one of good tidings. I will be picking up the game when it’s a bit more affordable. I don’t have the funds to be buying a lot of stuff day one but this is marked for future good times. thanks J-Steff~

  20. Woah. I was absolutely not expecting this to actually get a positive review. If this is actually quality mid-shelf gaming, I may get this on sale. Thanks, JSS.

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