Marvels Avengers: The Disgrace That Was (The Jimquisition)

Marvel’s Avengers is finally closing its doors after failing to make waves as one Square Enix’s many “live service” games. Let’s look back over the broken promises, financial losses, and assorted failings of Crystal Dynamics’ busted cow.

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  1. midnight suns was doing too good

  2. I started up FF 11 again this weekend for the first time in over a decade. Seeing this news kinda cracks me up that it’s possible that a 20 year old MMO still probably pulls in more money than Avengers did.

  3. It’s wild to think how much Final Fantasy is probably the reason that square enix still exists

  4. Snack, Play, Love!

    Square Enix making Stadia look like a good investment (it was – they auto automatically refunded the purchase price, and they updated the controller to have functions that they deliberately withheld from the start).

  5. Steph, where did you find that sweater? I need to get it for a friend immediately. It’s so cute!

  6. name and address withheld

    Dave Chappelle had a trans friend and the trans activists bullied him to death.

  7. The funniest/saddest part of the game is that if they had made a single player action game with no live service and microtransactions whatsoever, they would have spent FAR less money and sold more copies of the game. And thus made money instead of lost it.

  8. There were Wii U commercials? There were Amiibo commercials?

  9. I’m still upset that Dark Crystal got cancelled…

  10. You look awesome.

  11. CareeseFangirlForever

    Might as well pick the game up for dirt cheap and all the free cosmetics from the marketplace. Sucks for those that paid for any of those items.

  12. I’m never getting a Vagrant Story HD re-release, am I?

  13. I’m pretty sure they’ve been saying single player is dying for the whole of this millenium but at the very least since 2010. They keep trying to kill them though.

  14. Live Services shutting down kills games that depend on them? A shocker and what gamers have called out all those years now 😀


  16. It’s so cool how all these companies just decided they’re not gonna make real games anymore

  17. Outriders really has gotten fucked over by the always online aspect – it’s a perfectly decent AA game (which is a dying niche), the story is fun and campy, and the gameplay is great.

  18. Actually, they probably are still Fs. Every bra company has a different scale for cup sizes, so your mileage will vary. (Personally, I’m 38J/38DDD, depending on where I buy.)

  19. So in this one do we thank god for Phoenix?

  20. I was actually expecting a video about the tech layoffs but considering that’s STILL happening and will probably require a longer script… well, this is already plenty and excellent

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