Marvel’s Avengers – Earth’s Crappiest Heroes (Jimpressions)

It may have the powerful Marvel license behind it, but make no mistake – Marvel’s Avengers is just another forgettably mediocre “live ” waste of time.

A lifeless, colorless, utterly humorless take on the Marvel universe, Avengers’ overall sloppiness and visually horrendous presentation doesn’t help. And on top of that, Square Enix has the audacity to feature Microtransactions, multiple battle passes, and a Fortnite-style rotating storefront.

It’s a terrible game. A vapid product. It’ll probably make a lot of money.


  1. The damage control about DLC is ridiculous, it’s literally cut content that should have been there day one.

  2. I feel really bad for the folk who inevitably had to crunch their asses off for this and the voice talent giving 100% to something as bargain bin as this looks and by what I’ve watched here and elsewhere to play.

  3. You make it sound as if these AAA-games are just repetetive unimaginative boring moneygrabbs…

  4. Ah, yet another game I’ll hear about in a year when somebody inevitably tells me “it’s good now”. Call me crazy but I remember a time not that long ago when games used to be good when they released. Perhaps not always polished perfectly but still a complete game. Not just a bare-bones structure meant to hang MT’s on and slowly add anything worthwhile later on.

  5. Stop calling this game, “Frankenstein’s Monster.” The monster had far more depth and eloquence than this game could ever hope to possess.

  6. It’s going to be released in one of those boxes that have reviewer quotes on the back, and it’s going to say

    “Marvel’s Avengers is the true AAA video game experience”

    -Jim Sterling

  7. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Microtransactions.

  8. When they first announced this game, I was intrigued.
    An actual Marvel’s Avengers game being worked on? And by the people who made Gex? What could go wrong?

    Months pass, I find out more about the game and it’s clear that this game was nothing more than a painful cashgrab “Treple Ay Laive Survace” (intentionally spelled that wrong because that string of words makes me cringe) game, shovelled in with MTX up the wazoo and sell out cross promotion to hell and back (Skins tied to internet connection. Seriously?)
    I’m voting with my wallet on this one and not picking this up until later down the line.
    The game is still going to do well because people will still buy the game because of the branding.

  9. “It’s like Anthem, but somehow worse.” – Jim Sterling

  10. They intentionally gave them dull looks to entice you to “liven” them up with microtransactions

  11. It’s another live service shovelware game that’s going to be deserted in <12 months.

  12. They definitely phoned this game in so hard that it makes me believe that’s why Verizon sponsored it.

  13. The Avengers: Division of Anthem’s Destiny


  14. 0:43 “the camera, the goddamn camera that feels like it was ripped from the year 2008” Yup always found this to be consistent in Sqaure Enix games of late. FF7 Remake was an issue for me as well and same for FF15.

  15. Pack Mentality Media

    I loved that scene in The Avengers where 4 avengers pushed Task Master into a corner and then stunlocked him for a solid 30 seconds.

  16. Rofl, they ought to be shameless enough to quote Jim Sterling on this one; “Marvel’s Avengers is the true AAA video game experience” (9:45), and hope nobody look up Jim. This video was straight up exhausting, the only levity being the Verizon cosmetics; im still smiling about that.

  17. You can look at Iron man and say “it is Iron man”, you can look at Thor and say “oh that’s what the homless man did with my old sterio speakers”.

  18. So I’m getting a hint of dissatisfaction from you, Jim.

  19. “It’s a terrible game. A vapid product. It’ll probably make a lot of money.” That description is sadly indicative of the games industry at large, at the moment. Maybe not for every major game, but for a lot of them.

  20. The moment when you realize you’re getting bored from just watching the gameplay…

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