Markiplier Reacts to 8 Million Fan Reaction Video

Yes… I cry like a baby. Again. I don’t know why but this one hit me even harder than the last one. Once again, thank you everyone who this video possible an even BIGGER thank you to everyone who makes this community something truly special!

I really didn’t want to cut any of this video down but the original recording lasted for about an hour! But I do want everyone in this video to know that I saw EVERY single one of you! Thank you SO MUCH for being there for me!


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  1. *cuts more onions*

  2. +SpaceMario You know that’s an expression for “OMG THE FEELINGS!!!!!”,

  3. Yah. Sadly there are people out there that don’t appreciate raw emotions
    from person to person

  4. +All Omen Omg! I laughed more than I should have when you said they’re
    allergic to seeing others happy!
    That’s both funny and painfully true >_>

  5. Liam Roberts (SBTS)

    Too many people crying at once

  6. First video seen of this guy.
    I’m shaking.

  7. +Darshan Kusek I was thinking as it more among the lines as him becoming
    their guardian angel and will always be watching over them

  8. +Don Keedic No, it’s not. I agree that it’s the absolute worst thing, but
    for some people, “committing suicide” is synonymous with “finally getting
    rest”. Rest from a bad world, a tragic event that haunts their minds, or
    cruel people who torment them constantly. How do I know? I’ve been there.
    It feels like you’re drowning. There’s an ever-present, overwhelming sense
    of hopelessness that just slowly eats you away until you’ve had enough.
    Your mind becomes clouded, your judgment closes down and you can only see
    one way out. I was lucky to have clawed out of that hellhole. Others aren’t
    so lucky.

  9. And we need fan art of Danny with angel wings flying away saying goodbye to
    Mark and the rest of the gang

  10. +Lauri Nevalainen Yes I am >_>

  11. I just watched the end of him playing To The Moon, watched his 6 mil
    reaction video and then watch this…I’m a wreck ;_;

  12. +OranJee Can’t you be fans of both?

  13. well… yea, but when pewds is first time on youtube he just likes to make
    videos. he always say that he just really like to make videos. he just love
    his fans because his fans loves him too..

  14. im pretty new to your channel and im already so proud and happy for u

  15. I Know this Is Just Going to be another comment out in the crowd..But… I
    Just Needed To Post This Too you…

    *Mark Can i Give you an Online hug? I Know you wont reply But still Just
    know there are people that are dedicated to you, This is the least we can
    do,You Make us Smile,You Make us Laugh,You warm our hearts,so on the days
    that you cry,We cry with you,Because most of us know that we can’t be there
    to comfort you..When we all want to hug you and Embrace you for the
    wonderful being you are,Many people look up to you,And I Look up to you and
    so i just want to say thank you- For the laughs for the Smiles,For the
    girly Screams,You Made this world a better place,It may not seem like
    it,but you have…So for the second time….Thank you markiplier…Thank

  16. Whyyyyyyyyyyy

  17. Yeah man, fuck that bowl of onions! *sniff*

  18. King “JoeBob” Stuart

    The feels r real

  19. +Slidspider0 That’s funny, I recently bought a defective soul.

  20. aww im crying ??you are the beast mark i will be with you all the way
    though i hope your happy and noy sad asin crying i hope i can give you a
    big hug mark you are like my new dad when i see your face your so nice i
    love you ?im only 9 your allways there when i need you and thank you for
    being with us all the way to make us happy we all love you you larf and i
    larf you are like a new and improved dad i love you mark forever and ever i
    will see you soon i hope


  22. aww im totally subscribing and this is the first vid i watch. this, this is

  23. UnicornDinoWaffle :3


  24. +Nickolis Dancy I think we are all pretty emotional! XD <3

  25. Now, I’m emotional

  26. Thank you for being a goof ball

  27. Joneysha Lopez-Merced

    +Itz ImpacT​thank u and i will try to stay strong

  28. I’m still crying reading this comment, keep strong

  29. +Joneysha Lopez-Merced I am so sorry that happened to you! <3 We are here
    for you, Joneysha, just ask! My heart goes out to you, and if you need a
    friend, you can look to us!

  30. we love you mark keep being you

  31. it takes a real man/woman to cry

  32. Mark your the best youtuber around and I hope you keep being the same! ?I
    shed this tear to thank Mark for producing videos and making it over his 8M
    sub milestone! Love you Mark!

  33. my third time watching this yet i still cry

  34. Stop cutting onions mate, ?

  35. he’s the best youtuber ever in history he’s amazing I love him

  36. I just cried a fuck ton. brb gonna put my toaster in the bathtub

  37. Darkestwolves123 AJ

    that moment when ur wearing mascara and cry black tears

  38. I love you mark! <3

  39. hes already almost 10 million keep being the best youtuber

  40. it’s ok to cry markiplier

  41. I ing weird and i will NEVER stop helping others for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Despite all the ups and downs you’ve experienced, know that all of us
    are always going to be here for you the same way you’re always there for
    us. 240,398 more to go, Mark, and I hope that reinforces just how much we
    all love you.

  43. Awwwwwwwww

  44. Mark lets us all embrace each other and cry. We will all cry together with
    love and smiles. We are grateful to have you in our lives and always
    sharing your moments with all of us. ❤️

  45. Mark your the best but how could people hate this video

  46. tears of joy, thank you for being here with us, you help me on ups and

  47. All your fans watching this mark………… Look at us there.. c; We all
    cried here.. c: WE LOVE YOU MARK :D

  48. Respect to a man who is able to cry, and able to tell his story

  49. Thanks mark you are the best for letting me let my emotions free

  50. I thought I could get through this video a second time without balling my
    eyes out. I was wrong. Mark, if you see this, I want you to know you help
    me get out of bed everyday. You are the most wonderful person I have ever
    seen in my life.

  51. I’ve never seen a man love so much for people who’s he’s never got to met

  52. dont worry mark im a mess right now too

  53. You are AWESOME Mark?

  54. it’s ok mark I think I’m gonna cry for us ok so stop plz

  55. this is my second video i’ve watched and he made me cry so bad

  56. yeah I’m crying too xD

  57. is so sad.

  58. How the hell Markiplier did not get to be the most subscribed channel in
    youtube ?! How the fk the fker pewdiepie get to be most subscribed channel
    but yet did not show as much appreciation as Markiplier ? Pewdiepie get a
    chance to firm and get free accomodation . Marikiplier shows so much love
    and care but yet could not touch the heart of studio producer or any other
    producer ? Isn’t Mark the right man ? I have no idea how did pewdiepie get
    to be number 1 . I am enraged and I am going to hate on poods for not
    giving mark the place he deserve .

  59. I always cry with this video, but he make me feel special and happy, I wish
    that someone make me have more laughs than him, a person that I can
    actually meet, after all he’s really special, he doesn’t have like 30
    million subscribers (YET), but he’s the one who make you feel like there is
    no one else, no one special than you.

    Now I have a reason to wake up :’)

  60. Im really happy of markiplier i think markiplier is the only youtuber that
    really cares about his subs he cries to everyone

  61. markiplier ive always watched your videos

  62. Dear Markiplier,
    i really want to give u a really big hug, so many videos have made me smile
    and laugh and i know u might not answer but i wish the best for u, i have a
    very hard life wanting to end my life so early, i’m only 14 and i have
    given up so much and i just want u to know that because u are here and the
    reason we love you so much is because you are being u and i know that if i
    commit suicide i want you to know that in my heart there is a place for u
    in my heart and that its hard being me and so i want you to keep being you
    but please if you can or you ever get this message or read it, i would love
    for some advice to help with what i’m going through, stay strong and keep
    being Markiplier <3 LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3!!!!

  63. Sandra Helen Yksnøy

    And now he is less than 300k from 10 million ; – ;

    I remember the 100k hype when I started watching Marks videos ^-^

  64. XManSpillerMC - Norsk Gaming!

    Crying so much now! :S 😉 *sniff sniff*

  65. What the FUCK 3k dislikes fuck all of you

  66. I never cry to videos or movies or shows but u made me cry man. Ur such an
    inspiration to many people. Keep up the good work ??????

  67. God Makiplier, I love you so freaking much.

  68. markception

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