Markiplier is livin’ la vida loca


  1. Will be nominating Ethan for an Oscar for his groundbreaking cinematography

  2. This is the content we’re here for 😂
    . . . right?

  3. My favorite video now

  4. this is a masterpiece

  5. actual proof you dont need alcohol to be happy

  6. imagine ethan actually get nominated. it will be the most hilarious thing to happen for a youtuber.

  7. Just when you thought you’d pretty much seen all YouTube has to offer, both the normal and weird side. You watch this is realize you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  8. So I took both videos, started them at the same time and watched them both at the same time.
    lol I recommend doing this

  9. You ate bestie no matter what

  10. lol Mark has 1 million more views than Ethan does.

    Go watch Ethan’s too

  11. 3:24 was the best part for me after mark was in his right mind (i think)

  12. What a masterpiece

  13. Slay you have such a wonderful voice 😂

  14. Michaela Richtářová

    My life energy is restored, thank you ❤️

  15. Good to see Warfstache is doing well

  16. When your Drunk and playing the Yakuza games

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