Mario Skate (60 fps!)

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Mariooooo Kaarrrtttt Skaaaaaatte!!!
Music: Savant – Vario

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Watch this BTS:

Thanks to Boosted Boards for lending us some awesome electric longboards!


  1. The boosted board reminds me of Casey Neistat

  2. +xisumavoid I just searched 60 fps in the search bar, and I found xisuma!

  3. İts called real life can get it in outside and a mustaj

  4. Officially that guy ­ 

    +zimzameef *mario kart* skate

  5. +Officially that guy ­lol its called Mario Skate not Mario Kart.

  6. +wrenthereaper lol

  7. Well I wasn’t going to put the wrong number in there 😛

  8. Gopro footage is pretty much the hardest thing to track. We spent a MASSIVE
    amount of effort trying to make those tracks work. Particularly the first
    bridge scene. A stupid amount of effort went into making look just THAT
    good, and it still isn’t perfect.

  9. +HowToAMD OMG, i’m savant fan since he did vario’s album

  10. +Cyclops1i
    Orakel is good too. I like most of his stuff but especially vario + invasion

  11. +Patrick Hirling I love Ism and Orakel as well. There were people who
    didn’t like it?

  12. thumbs up from Finland 😀

  13. Savant!!

  14. +Lovo Love yeah sweet

  15. +Jameson Daniels Guys this method amazing!

  16. +Максим Максимов Savant – Vario

  17. Geez don’t give nintendo any ideas…….

  18. 0:32 (Bottom Right) Hi Camera Man!

  19. Those electric longboards ain’t cheap!

    • +MrWhiteSwitch Thanks for the apology. Your view on money is very limited
      though, especially your view on money for someone going to college.
      Hundreds upon Hundreds of people in Highschool have no problem dishing out
      a few thousand bucks for an old car, or some a more expensive car. “Most
      people” is not the correct term to be using, considering only a very small
      poor population of people between the age of 15 – 25 could not have 2,000
      dollars to use, this product is high technology, the fact that it is so
      cheap for being such an amazingly engineered object is amazing in itself.
      Look at it this way… teenagers may not have too much money, but the
      should not be complaining that computer parts are too expensive to be
      gaming… they have the cheap alternative… that being a regular Console.
      (Console = Regular Board, PC = Leveled up). My point still stands no matter
      what, 2,000 dollars is actually fairly practical for an individual
      motorized transportation vehicle like Seg-ways(Which could cost more, this
      board can go at nearly 21 MPH, so not bad at all) . People with jobs, which
      are not in a very rare circumstance, should have no problem saving up for

    • +MrWhiteSwitch Your logic made me cringe… especially because you started
      off an argument with calling me “stupid”. Please re-read my comment smart
      one. You just named a random situation in which someone doesn’t have enough
      money for one… out of thousand of situations I could name, as if they are
      somehow going to prove me wrong. EX: Well… if someone has 2,000
      dollars… then they get robbed… they no longer can afford a 2,000
      skateboard… OH REALLY? I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA?(Exaggerated). Nice try
      though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. hoy you edit in 60fps ?? how pls tell me

  21. +Jake Watson No problem.

  22. +Sacriifiice Thank you Sacrifice! Please let us know when you find this in
    the future too!

  23. Stephanie De La Rosa

    cool ??

  24. at first i thought sarcastically, yay… another drone vid… but then you
    surprise me, showing that we’re still only touching on the potential of
    this technology in film and effects.

    bravo ^_^

  25. ME Videos productions


  26. It’s so crisp….
    Also the video should be called Vario Kart

  27. Camera used? Best 60fps I’ve seen on Youtube yet.

  28. You’re vids are always AWESOME! I really want to work with people like you!

  29. Please make more this is just amazing!

  30. the first corridordigital video where the vfx are subpar… come on guys!

    • +TomCamComedy The biggest issue I faced was just the shear number of
      effects. Unfortunately that leads to some shots suffering in quality.

    • The bowser detail was so small that I barely noticed it even when looking
      for it. There are plenty of big name movies that have small errors like
      that, and we’re getting this video for free so I wouldn’t be complaining. I
      do agree with you that the shell seems out of place, but that’s not their
      fault. The Mario shells have always looked unrealistic. Replicating the
      shape and movement of the shell so it looked natural in real life would be
      impossible. As for the textures and lighting, they’ve made it so that light
      and elements reflect off its shell. I’d say that’s a step in the right

  31. Yo check my videos!!!!!! Its hilarious!

  32. how is this made?

  33. Poor Luigi…

  34. dammit green mario

  35. why does this look like a video game

  36. Alanj2007 Games (Distortion Reality)

    So much AWESOMENESS! I can’t hold the feels! ><

  37. That camera work tho

  38. Is the zoom on Luigi’s face at 1:58 the vertigo effect?

  39. At the end was that the luigi death stare?

  40. Have some water brother,need anything?

  41. He lost time coming out of the shell ally

  42. which progam use for vfx

  43. love your vids & hard work on effects.

  44. Do a Pokémon video

  45. Fuck you mario! Luigi number oneee!!!

  46. I saw those candy holder mushrooms. You saw them.

  47. because Nintendo never had this idea

  48. Savant !!!!!!! <3

  49. you should do something about space marines like have the space hulk n

  50. I put it at top video quality.
    Is there a fps setting? Cause I don’t see one

  51. i just bought a really nice laptop 2 months ago and its lagging on this
    video and only this video. Thanks corridordigital!

  52. I never really liked Mario, Luigi clearly is funnier and is actually scared
    of things. Looking at Luigis mansion.

  53. I watched at half speed. 30FPS is the one true framerate.

  54. More like Luigi longboard

  55. +3.3 seconds? That’s not time-shaving, Luigi. He’s got a shortcut

  56. At the end, instead of saying “i’m the best” mario should’ve said
    “It’s-a-me…” My opinion though. Great vid!

  57. Since when does Mario speak American?!

  58. *jaw hits floor*

  59. HIPHOP UP ちゃんねる


  60. +dylan bradshaw Thanks! ;D

  61. Awesome! It’s like a combo of what I like. Longboarding and Mario Kart! I
    hit like!

  62. asanka hettiarachchi

    sinhala sons&full sinhala movies


  64. Sick video :)

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