Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Get all the details on the content included in 8 Deluxe for the , which releases on April 28th!

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  1. But i already have mario kart 8 -_-

  2. Captain Falcon better be in it if they used his music.

  3. Villager of SmashVille

    0:51 Nathaniel Bandy gets triggered.

  4. Am I the only one that wants a double dash co-op mode?

  5. Newcomer Villager

    The real question is when are they adding Kirby

  6. ConstipationImagination

    Did Donkey Kong just dab??? 2:38

  7. getting this day one. more characters new modes with brand new tacks. plus you can hold two items now and they freaking have dry bones!!! wow!

  8. dashie needs stirring assist on any cc 🙂

  9. “Get a load of this”

    – Nintendo Employee

    From Some random sonic game

  10. What a rip, people who bought the original game for the wii u should get the dlc at least. It’s the exact same game except with a few new characters and battle mode.

  11. Dab at 2:38 and Air Horn at 4:42. Has Nintendo gone *dank* on us?

  12. I hope steering assist is single player only

  13. DumbEspeon Mexlito

    super mario sunshine for switch confirmed?

  14. I wish i had a switch 🙁

  15. I didn’t get the nintendo switch

  16. I just hope Fire Hopping has been fixed.

  17. 3:42 to hear Nintendo say a big F U to the F-Zero series.

  18. Inspiring Emerald

    I love how they’re advertising it like nobody has played Mario Kart 8 before

  19. How is King Boo back from the dead? He’s still dead, HE’S A GHOST!

  20. What I don’t understand is that this game is full price which is a real dick move to the people who bought mk8 and DLC

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