Mario Galaxy – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Egoraptor of Game Grumps

In this episode we take a look at some , , and history of . Both games were developed and published by for the . Released worldwide in November 2007 and May 2010 respectively, the series has seen overwhelming critical and commercial success. The games have been hailed as some of the best of all time, with the first game winning a BAFTA. The games combined have sold around 20 million copies to date.

Voiced by
Video Edited by Luis Illingworth @HeyRaguio
Research/Writing by Kitsune Hawk

*The Torimoti image was captured by Peardian, not Robotoroise.


  1. Remember when Egoraptor was known for being Egoraptor and not known for
    Game Grumps

  2. Oh man, it happened. Egoraptor isn’t that recognizable of a brand anymore,
    so they had to add “of Game Grumps”.

  3. Arin sucks at video games
    Danny has a huge dick
    It’s snowing on Mt. Fuji
    Like my comment, you prick

  4. “Rosalina was originally planned to be related to Peach”

    GG Game Theory.

  5. Steven Lopez (zerolink30)

    Did you know, underneath that huge dress Rosalina is pretty bangable

  6. Did you know Xenoblade Chronicles!

  7. Did you know gaming Xenoblade Chronicles, lets make it happen!

  8. That’s cute how you have to add “Of game grumps” at the end, since he used
    to actually be somebody when he made flash animation. Now he’s just another
    piece of another crappy Let’s Play channel like everybody else.

  9. I like how 5 years ago, Egoraptor was just Egoraptor… Now he’s known as
    “Egoraptor of Game Grumps”…

  10. King Koleyolis III

    Ninja Gaiden, Xenoblade Chronicles, Shantae, Skullgirls, Shovel Knight,
    Journey, Golden Sun, Binding of Isaac

  11. Egoraptor died years ago in a tragic accident, Arin from Game Grumps is the
    lazy bum that replaced him. Apparently animation and general creativity
    isn’t an economically viable Youtube career. I’ve little respect if any for
    he who squanders his talents for dat YouTube money.

  12. Suggestions? Okay!
    How about “Did you Know? Hatsune Miku series”

  13. What WiiU should’ve had: Super Mario U niverse

  14. Am I the only one who hates this guy?

  15. Yoo keeled jahn centa wowt haev yoo dawn?

  16. Xenoblade DYKG!

  17. *Please do Did you know Gaming – Resident Evil 4*

  18. William Shakespeare II

    Patapon 3 next?

  19. All this talk of Ego being in GG yet no one is going to bother mentioning
    how fucking bangable Rosalina is, like holy shit

  20. Did you know gaming: Project X Zone!

  21. How arin is no longer egoraptor and is in fact a hack fraud – Did you know
    lazy lets players? Feat. Ego “Please cum all over my useless face 12 year
    olds” raptor of Gay Grumpy dumpies

  22. You forgot “you are mr gay”

  23. Fallout Ugglan (Dresius)

    DYKG S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  24. Wait how do you pirate Mario Galaxy?It was never released on the PC.

  25. gazzathegardener

    Please do one on resident evil 4!

  26. Did you know Max Payne please

  27. Alexander McKinney

    2:44 isn’t that pig from warioland 4?

  28. The Blue Mooshroom

    those Mario models are the CREEPIEST things ive ever seen!

  29. did you know bloodborne
    did you know killzone
    did you know xenoblade

  30. Did You Know Mario Kart
    Did You Know Skies of Acadia
    Did You Know Tales of series
    Did You Know King of Fighters
    Did You Know Tekken
    Did You Know Senran Kagura…Boobs

  31. I would like a Did You Know Gaming on Professor Layton, please!

  32. 6:50 I’m in the video…. well, kind of. Over in the subscriptions!

  33. I don’t see why all these people are complaining, “Oh NOW he’s Egoraptor
    FROM Game Grumps. I miss when he was Egoraptor the animator.”

    God shut up, he still animates, he’s working on the show with Ross that has
    seasons and stuff, he’s got his own comedy band, not to mention the reason
    why Game Grumps is so great (why i love it over every other let’s play
    channel) is it’s always been about the comedy. They try to perfect their
    improv using the games as base. He is making the most of his creativity. He
    still animates, but at this point Game Grumps has become bigger than him.
    It’s made him more successful, AND he’s able to give all his friends jobs.
    You know, other animators who are suffering because YouTube’s algorithm has
    made it easier to be successful with Let’s Plays and impossible to survive
    if you’re an animator.

    I have MORE respect for Egoraptor now than i did when he was JUST Egoraptor
    the animator. So fuck off anyone who thinks he’s sold out or that he’s lost
    his stride. He’s doing great things and he’s only going to get better. In
    his own time. And yes he’ll take a while to animate things, but it’s ALWAYS
    been like that. If you were real fans, you’d wait.

  34. could you make a did you know gaming based on Sega’s NiGHTS series?

  35. one of my favorite games of all time.

  36. One thing I can appreciate about Game Grumps is that it inspire the two
    dudes talking podcasts. Other than that, rest in piece Egoraptor’s channel.

  37. TheUmbrellaCorpX7

    Mario Galaxy wasn’t the first to make circular planets like that. Ratchet &
    Clank did it first.

  38. Did you know gaming?: The World ends with You. Can you make it happen

  39. Is this the game with the creepy dark figures in the background?

  40. Please do the witcher franchise

  41. Did you know gaming


  42. Did You Know Mr. Gayming?


  44. Didyouknowgaming? Mario Kart

  45. Did You Know Gaming? The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth

  46. Did You Know Gaming?: Tekken.

  47. Did You Know Gaming: Soul Calibur, anyone?

  48. SHIN MEGAMI TENEI please !

  49. overwatch next plz

  50. This might have been posted before, but in Romaji Torimoti would be read as
    Torimochi… the TI combination doesn’t exist and is always read as CHI.

  51. Christopher Thompson

    Cave Story is a game that lacks background information.

  52. I would love to see a did you know about No More Heroes

  53. Did you know gaming Toejam and Earl

  54. Chand Notimportant



  56. Been waiting for that Tales of episode for quite some time DYKG

  57. an episode on tales of the Abyss please

  58. Do a “did you know gaming demon’s soul”, please.

  59. Wow, I didn’t realise it was Arin during that entire video. I’m ashamed of

  60. Armored core, please and thank you

  61. Pajama Sam or humongous entertainment games

  62. You guys should do a did you know gaming on Ninja Gaiden 🙂 one of my
    favorite game series of all time.

  63. I request an episode on Earthworm Jim

  64. Did You Know Gaming – Witcher

  65. Kasper Hjelmager

    An episode on Max Payne would be the shit
    One of the first games I played, and not remembered by many it seems

  66. Do a did you know gaming on endless oceans

  67. hey how about , did know gaming ghouls n ghost series?

  68. Did you know gaming Danganronpa

  69. I’d love a Did You Know The World Ends with You video.

  70. Sofoklis Chousos

    How about DYKG Soul Reaver series?????

  71. Blast Force Gamer

    Make a video on Fire emblem fates

  72. Did you know – Animal Crossing New Leaf? :D

  73. Did you know gaming wrestling ;)

  74. hotphoenix 67465

    I want a left 4 dead episode for did you know gaming

  75. Dont see it happening, but a did you know gaming on mischief makers would
    be pretty hype

  76. Egorapper

  77. Disfigured Stick

    I think a DYKG Parappa the Rapper would be interesting.

  78. Did you know Front Mission

  79. Assassin’s Creed 2 please :)

  80. and luigi head roseileena is peachs mom

  81. Could you do a did you know gaming episode on the dead rising series? That
    would be cool I’d like to learn more about it

  82. Did you know Daganronpa.

  83. did he say rosalina was related to peach , really egoraptor

  84. Do a video on bravely deafult

  85. Mantle Zone (Gianluca Sabatini)

    Do another Kirby video

  86. Super Mario sunshine

  87. Kevaun Aiken (Kairex)

    Dust: An Elysian Tail Pwease :3

  88. No video on SMT…

  89. Ha! “bolth”

  90. half life

  91. Granstream Saga

  92. I watched this whole video not knowing that it was Arin talking… 0_0

  93. I expected Arin to be screaming the whole time.

  94. “Bolth”

  95. PhotonMonkeygames


  96. I am a brony so deal with it. 12316

    You know when it’s good when arin from game grumps Commentates on the best
    selling modern non-platformer…

  97. Plants vs. Zombies would be cool

  98. i would love to see timesplitters

  99. christopher wallace

    do sonic hero’s

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