Mad Combat Marines – Stupid Dirty Idiots (Direct To Video)

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God damn this series has such a clever name. At least until the day ditches Direct for something even more inane.

Anyway, here’s an called Mad Combat Marines that I worked to turn into a watchable video.


  1. We wish Sterdust the best of luck in his upcoming match, win or lose he will make a fine edition to Jim’s character roster
    1 Like = 1 wish of good luck.

  2. LOL some of the Direct to VHS/DVD videos over the years are right in line with the quality of Steam Direct!

  3. This is exactly what it’s like to be a Marine.

    This game is a lot more poetic than you give it credit for!

  4. Is this that animal rescue game’s spiritual successor?

  5. Is it just me or does Jim sound tipsy

  6. 50 bucks for a city?
    I’d rather make one myself.

  7. “The problem with this game is that is isn’t interesting… or good.” Destiny 2 anyone?

  8. Hey Jim! Maybe you could put the good games you find on Steam into Jimpressions and the asset flip games you find like this one you could put into the new Direct to Video series you’re now starting up.

  9. It has an official discord channel and is sitting on a “mostly positive” review score. Just boggles the mind.

  10. I think Jim found some old pain pills before filming this morning

  11. Gotta love those muffled Half-Life sounds.

  12. The map somehow reminds me of that one game in which you fly around with a pigeon and have to poo on everyone.

  13. When a game released in 2017 looks and plays in a way that makes you think “Actually I’ll just reinstall Unreal Tournament 2004”.

    Fucking Unreal fucking Tournament two-thousand and fucking FOUR. Not to disparage UT2004, it was a good game. I might reinstall it myself.

    ps. I seem to remember seeing the town previously in a game where you delivered pizzas to an unfair time limit.

  14. 2017: Where Wolfenstein is now a modern game and modern games are now Wolfenstein.

  15. It’s spelled “kerb”. 🙂

  16. This game reminds me of the Simpsons driving game for I think it was ps2.

  17. Man oooh man I kinda wish they also debut a wrestler with a lootbox shtick for sterdust to fight against. It would be glorious. Imagine the promos!

  18. “That I worked into a watchable video”

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