Luigi’s Balloon World

In Reggie’s new game Luigi World, find a balloon you dumb guy.


  1. Thank you balloon souls

  2. *Sponsored by GameSharks.*

  3. I hate people who glitch the balloons somewhere impossible

  4. Zer0 The Assassin

    Less than one million views? Well that’s not gonna last long…

  5. Who here remembers gameshark?

  6. Bowser is like that guy who claims to be your rival in pokemon games
    He never learns

  7. is this the dark souls of hide and seek?

  8. Luigi’s Balloon World>>>>>>>>> The Entire Knack Franchise

  9. Is this game worth getting a Switch for?

  10. I see everyone do these insane stunts and here I am not even being able to dive on Cappy midair without fucking it up a hundred times beforehand…

  11. Gameshark? Im telling on you

  12. Did anyone notice how his coin amount keeps changing by the thousands? *GAMESHARK*

  13. This time limit keeps giving me anxiety

  14. Bowser used GameShark!

    It has no effect.

  15. The worst part about that balloon in New Donk City is, for as much as Dunkey struggled just for his hat to reach the balloon…you have to actually land on that building to even put the balloon there in the first place.

  16. Dunkey has some quite Impressive video-gaming skills! :O


  18. It’s not directly related to this video, but Dunkey’s Smash Bros. Analysis is currently one of the first ten results of google images when you search “smash bros trailer”, just behind the official upload of the new teaser. Just let that sink in for a moment.

  19. *What ’bout Waluigi?*

  20. And I haven’t even tried it since the update.

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