Loot n’ Plunder (The Jimquisition)

Overwatch is news again, with a -flavored event that has made even a lot game’s defenders raise their eyebrows.

Let’s all just admit that no matter how much you might love Blizzard, it’s still another fee-to-pay peddler at heart.


  1. 7:01 You said Bioware, not blizzard.

  2. hope you feel better soon Jim

  3. When you get Chip out, maybe also yell at him for saying Bioware instead of
    Blizzard a couple of times.

  4. Sadly, there are still too many people that glance over microtransactions
    in these types of games because they are ‘optional’. That’s more sad to me
    than anything else. It’s like the shitty excuse I gave to my parents when I
    was a kid – and that you probably gave as well – in order to get Grand
    Theft Auto IV: “But it’s all optional!” Bullshit.

  5. thank you for you.

  6. Chip is fucking Jim so much lately. He’s just pounding
    him………..pounding him………pounding him…….pounding him.

  7. Remember kids: companies aren’t your friends. They’re companies. As in,
    they want the money, the cha-ching, the moolah, the dolla dolla bills, the
    dinero, the… uhhh… well, that’s as far my money synonyms goes actually.

  8. Hope the back gets sorted boss. I know how that shit goes and it ain’t

  9. oh god that outro 10/10

  10. “They breath through their skin” my fucking sides….

  11. I said this shit ages ago, people always shouted me down and called me

  12. Star Trek Online’s Lock Box system says hi.

  13. Always knew that Chip was a Pog Fucker. Enjoy the brink you bastard.

  14. I just fucking knew you were gonna do this

  15. Jim your opinion on lootboxes is utter garbage. Sorry. It’s all fucking
    free and it IS only cosmetic. Either you get it or you don’t.

  16. New Tracer statue, I like it.

  17. Oh god there’s a link gun? (Unreal Tournament 2004)

  18. Crazy Spanish Guy

    Jim, when can we expect that collab with Gavin?

  19. I guess I’m a minority in this case then cause I honestly don’t care. I
    like getting skins as much as the next person but I can still have just as
    much fun without the new skins. I mean I do sort of get why this bothers
    people but just me personally, as long as it doesn’t effect the actual
    gameplay I don’t care.

  20. I was sort of hoping Jim would address the fact that they made it sound
    like they were being generous by making Ana herself free. Despite the fact
    that new heroes and maps being free was always advertised just like how we
    could buy anything we wanted with credits. That fact was on their webpage.

  21. Get better soon Jim! Take care

  22. I recently have started listening to Jim’s videos doing my pre workout and
    it was the best decision I’ve made ever made.. seriously it’s fucking pure

  23. Anyone else noticed Jim’s Tracer pop figure looks a bit strange?

  24. Get well soon Mister Sterling.

  25. Can’t you just ask 2K to remaster your Rapture in your back as well?

  26. Nicole Schoenhoft

    Can the next Jimquisition just be filled with “Here’s a TV that looks like
    an apple.” clips and can the segways just be a shrimp on a white

  27. Heads up: You call Blizzard Bioware the first time you show the steam
    screenshot from Jeff. 

  28. I dont know how many people here play it but I feel like Rainbow 6 siege
    did dlc and microtransactions right as you honestly can get the 6 dlc
    characters for free without putting too much time into the game and it
    dosen’t show the dlc operators in the character selection. It does the same
    with the skins, theyre really easy to unlock without paying and during
    customisation it wont show them. If you play poorly youll get a new
    operator at maximum 25 hours but in that time Ive earned enough for 2 by
    playin well.

  29. God dammit Chip!

  30. Millhouserino Kripperino

    I liked Diablo 3 auction house I made a lot of money

  31. I really don’t get how people can just stare at a corporate dick and swear
    it’s the tastiest thing ever, totally forgetting how many times that dick
    has been rammed up their asses before.

  32. Hail Jim!

  33. Yeah, it’s slimy. But to be honest, the current Competitive Season 1 is
    what has made me decide to take a break from it all.

  34. I’m still ok with the system, still haven’t bought a crate and have pretty
    much anything I want. Really love the amount of salt that has come out from
    the summer games event. I also think it’s funny that you by random chance
    can get a item that someone that spends 100$ on the game might not get.
    Could be better though, and it is really exploitative.

  35. jimquistion is my favorite podcast

  36. So what I can gather from all outlets, including Jim, Overwatch is slowly
    becoming the next League of Legends.

  37. I will admit I am in the camp for the “Original” loot boxes were fine,
    there were multiple ways to get the skins, buying loot boxes leveling, and
    gold. Now with the summer skins only way to get them is from leveling up or
    buying lootboxes. I do buy lootboxes and i always will while i enjoy the
    game. But the fact they are not purchasable via in game currency is just
    plain stupid. I understand the “exclusivity argument” but why not just have
    them purchasable via gold, during the event? Or During the event they are
    purchasable at normal prices, but after the price is increased (legendary
    items from the event would cost maybe 4,000, epics would be 1,000, rares
    250.) The exclusivity is still there but the items require a bit more work
    to obtain.

  38. 7:02 you said BioWare’s response not Blizzard’s. :P

  39. I’m not sure how much of a pull activision has over blizzard but they did
    the same thing with bo3 (only cosmetic then added weapons) then destiny
    (cosmetic, level increase tho wasn’t that huge of a deal and dance emotes)
    and didn’t go far because of the negativity from the community and now
    this…..can’t say I’m surprised

  40. Jesus, Jim. “They’re just cosmetic” isn’t an excuse or a rationalization or
    a corporate talking point. Across many genres and for many years, a whole
    lot of us have long held Who Gives a Fuck about Cosmetic DLC (Not Me) as
    our stance, and nothing you say can change that. Because it’s the right
    stance. Christ.

  41. 4:35 – Pat? Is that you?

  42. If you ever think to yourself “Jim is exaggerating about some of these
    practices”, keep in mind that the AAA companies work on the slippery slope
    idea. If they can get away with something a little bit, they will keep
    taking it as far as they can until it gets ruined. Because money.

  43. Also Jim that ending if you make a album I’ll buy it

  44. Moar singing pls. It’s like listening to angel voices :)

  45. SaintAlia_of_the_Games

    Reminds me of my Vindictus and Granado Espada days and why I simply stopped
    doing events. You can grind for hours, but it’s really a crapshoot for
    events, and your best chance of getting anything of worth is by spending
    real money. Even if you do get something great sometimes it becomes locked
    to your account and you can’t even exchange it for something you want. And
    sometimes, surprise surprise, to get it unlocked from your account requires
    an item that costs real money. But those are f2p games though.

  46. I’m not playing OW because with my current addiction to LoL and SFV… I
    just can’t have another gambling simulator in my life. My wallet can’t
    afford it!

  47. I thought it was weird that you wasn’t talking about this shitshow before,
    now I understand. Thank you for this Jim, and thank God for You.

  48. Great video like always, Jim 🙂 Thought I noticed you called blizzard
    Bioware at about 7:00 min mark.
    I guess the only devs that I have seen so far that have done
    microtransactions well is GrindingGearGames with Path of Exile.

  49. 7:00 I think you’re a bit confused as to who’s making this game.

  50. Seems like some Christian images were used in this episode. First one that
    I’ve noticed from this series tbh.

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