Loot Boxes Out, Microtransactions In For Star Wars Battlefront II

EA has announced that paid loot boxes are being relegated to -game rewards while more traditional microtransactions replace them.

This is spite of EA claiming they couldnR;t do it this way because of Star Wars canon.


  1. What’s up with the Oblivion video?

  2. What happened to the other video you released today and deleted?

  3. Bethesda flag your Oblivion vid or what bruh?

  4. Still won’t buy it

  5. “well, we gotta take their every last cent somehow” – EA

  6. Where’s that Oblivion video

  7. Who would’a thunk it? Can we return to EA when Dragon Age: Origins was the newest kid on the block? Oh, and INB4 pay4cosmetics is okay. There’s no being grateful. That’s like thanking a torturer for only taking a finger and leaving your chungus.

  8. lol they’re still trying to save face

  9. triplAYYYYYEH strikes back yet again!

  10. First impressions matter. EA wanted to have its cake and fuck it too (thank you for that line). EA has completely turned me off from their brand. And that isn’t anyones fault but their own.

  11. EA is just desperately trying not to lose the Star Wars IP

  12. Just noticed you have 666k Subscribers.

    It was probably said before me, so keep scrolling.

  13. Remember when unlockables were a thing in video games? That was a long time ago for me.

  14. EA changes the bubonic plague for cholera and expects people to cheer ? If they want people to cheer, they should cure the disease that they unleashed rather than finding a new way to bring pestilence to people’s lives.

  15. No one cares anymore and I am pretty sure EA brass knows this. But, by doing this, and not seeing boost in sales, they will point to this an example of how there is no interest in normal gaming and gamers are just crazy.

  16. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    The damage has already been done.

  17. Smeg in the Heads

    Sweet let’s run out and buy the game now it’s actually a game…

    No! You gone done fucked up!

  18. Remember when SimCity was online only? That there was too many calculations for it to be done on a single PC. Months later, low and behold, the single player update arrives. EA acts like it’s a brand new thing (complete with the hilarious single player save/load tutorial on the YouTube video). This is EA history repeating itself.

  19. heck how am i suppose to feel the sense of pride and accomploshment now?

  20. Your being to harsh Jim they made changes they went from wanting all the money to wanting only 99.9999999% of the money .

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