Loot Boxes And In-Game Gambling Get Swedish Scrutiny

In Sweden, loot boxes are starting to get mainstream – and political – attention. Will it lead anywhere? Who knows? Anything that keeps the pressure on the publishers, however, is good news.


  1. Förbaskat bra!

  2. One word: Good.

  3. A small step for a gamer… a big step for gamers everywhere.

  4. I seriously hope we see an EU and US wide ban. That’d probably cripple the entire business model and if that causes the Big triple A companies to collapse, oh well. They played the game of the market and if they can’t survive when it changes then they can perish like the dinosaurs.

  5. Jävla plunder lådor

  6. I’m glad Sweden is going to finally get this regulation train rolling in earnest.

  7. Just heard about this on the radio. A Swedish politician even put in a petition 2013 ( https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/motion/spelpolitik_H102Kr214/html ) but haven’t been listened to until now.

    So we’re more than just Ikea and volvos:)

  8. Christopher O'Grady

    I’m sat on the loo

  9. What? No micro transactions? But how will we get all the money? Not just some or even a lot of money, we NEED all of it! How else will we pay for our fourth summer homes and pompous extravagant lifestyle!

  10. You know how the internet will react. “Sweden! SJW! Trying to take our games away!”.

  11. Hi Jim! Germany is investigating as well (notified you on FB a few days ago). A side note: Seen on PSN, the NBA 2018 game is down to 9,99 Euro and SWBII is at 29,99 Euro. Surely that reflects the great success the games had and have. EA seems desperate to sell its game right now. In the light of the apparently very popular “watch me open tons of FIFA loot boxes while I jump up and down madly” channels on YT I am very curious how the (supposedly younger) audience is going to take any restrictions on loot boxes.

  12. I was worried the loot-box legislation wave had died down, thank god for Sweden, and Jim of course!

  13. As a FIFA player, I want to say “fuck you” to EA for the way they do Ultimate Team. It has completely turned me off of playing multiplayer online, and I only play the single player and sometimes local multiplayer when I meet up with family and/or friends.

    But as you can imagine, the single player suffers because EA focussed on the money making machine that is FIFA Ultimate Team.

  14. Jesus, I feel so bad for that kid who posted that. It is heartbreaking, it really is. These larger game companies pushed so hard as it being player choice, and instead they cause a mirade of people get addicted to the ‘feel”of gambling. Shit I knew some people from playing MMOs like EvE who would get addicted to the now banned gambling sites for that game. It is things like that which terrify me personally, these psychological manipulation tactics used to get people to continue pumping money into the game is frightening. I myself have had to step back and look at the games I play with them, and been questioning if I should even play them as I can feel the tug to wanting to open another “Card pack”or “loot box”. It is frighteningly easy to get addicted to that sort of thing, and I recommend stepping back and looking at your own personal reasonings for buying lootboxes. Just pay attention and if your Wants become needs, stop and do something else for a week or two.

  15. People always respond to these videos by saying that Loot Boxes are “equivalent” to baseball cards and blind-bags, But I don’t agree. They’re only “equivalent” in the same way that Wikipedia is “equivalent” to an Encyclopedia Britannica set, or Netflix is “equivalent” to driving to Blockbusters to pick out a VHS tape.
    That is to say, you can reduce them down to the same core idea, but when you introduce instant digital distribution and manipulative behind-the-scenes algorithms not possible with physical items, you’ve taken that core idea and created a much more insidious beast.

  16. It has been 10 minutes, and the comments are already filled with people Who have no clue about sweden saying how dangerous it is to live here.

  17. In The Mind of Kibara

    Thank God.
    The more countries investigating this the better.

  18. I hope you’re filing that dopamine rush quote from the kid for the next time a company or someone else claims that ‘Lootboxes aren’t gambling because you can’t cash out’…

  19. Kommentarerna här torde vara sansade, logiska och trevliga, med tanke på hur mycket Jims tittare avskyr lootlådor. Eller hur? Dom kommer inte alls att börja diskutera något helt annat, utan fakta och totalt baserat på Amerikansk skräppropaganda. Eller hur!?

    Brukade finna det lite småfjantigt när det enda jänkare pratade om när man nämnde att man var från Sverige var blondiner, köttbullar, ABBA och IKEA. Nu känns det nästan charmigt och nostalgiskt i jämförelse med vad som kommer ur (dom flesta av) deras munnar…

  20. The outrage against loot boxes and micro-transactions is typical of this generation and their lack of self control…”oh i spent my life savings on opening packs for fifa….EA You are to blame, i want you to shut down!!” Grow a pair and take responsibility for your own actions. Jim Sterling is Morbidly obese and obviously suffers from huge lack of self control but he and his followers would rather blame McDonalds and start making youtube videos about how McDonald’s should close down. It’s bullshit.

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