Looking Back At Rainbow Six Siege’s Bizarre Reveal Trailer

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Leo revisits the E3 2014 reveal trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, picking apart the vision for the game 1.5 years before it launched.


  1. Lol Its so funnyyy. Thanks
    Game Informer

  2. Hey! Let’s take another look at that!

  3. watch dogs and this and anthem im sure the demo’s where fake ones created just to make people pre-order not gonna believe anymore until I see Retail

    Edit: I said this not meaning that i pre-order all games im trying to give my idea and help ppl not to fall for this …
    Btw rainbow six is a great game

  4. Oh yeah, remember
    Rainbow 6 PATRIOTS?

  5. Still love this trailer. And awesome video btw

  6. “You deserved to be spawnpeeked ,you are a bad person and you know that ”

    I’m dead🤣😂

  7. The drone part got me good🤣🤣😂

  8. Quality content, i love it! more of this please.

  9. graphics downgrade aside, the thing that I found funny about this is how the players were communicating…
    real players don’t communicate like that XD
    the clips you transitioned would be much closer to reality where players would be cursing each other and laughing…

  10. You could make a series out of this.

  11. It was talked about on the podcast and now it’s here! Game Informer truly making dreams a reality.

  12. Mubarak Alsharrad

    lol this is the best! Thank god they didn’t stick with this!

  13. Disagree about the smoke and debris. Imagine an operator with the ability to setup a vacuum cleaner that counters all that up. Ubisoft hire me now damn it.

  14. I like the dark lighting personally 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Hostage is such a shit mode could probably have been more fun with defenders being able to move it around the map 🙁

  16. Dammit……he’s *GONE*

  17. I’m super glad you did the “let’s take another look at that” segment, talked about on the last GI podcast. This is really a fun idea and let’s some reminisce about early trailers and others see it for the first time knowing the true final product.

  18. They should’ve kept the Dynamics n gameplay from the demo smh

  19. Youtube Account#:457

    2019: “PROTECT MR. BEAR”

  20. Whenever multiplayer trailers have players talking and strategizing, it’s always so cringy.

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