1. How have 200 of you people already watched this? Why are our lives so sad?

  2. TheTeaDrinkingGamer

    looks great haha.

    also thank god for jim fucking sterling son

  3. Is it just me or does the frame rate look a bit off in some of the 3D scenes…

  4. Is it me, the trailer or this video. The framerate is shit :/

  5. Szymon Roganowski

    Isn’t Lode Runner an Hudson property as in now its a Konami property?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it got taken down because of that

  6. I love Vauxhall graphics.

  7. I know this is a bit odd of a request but could you do a Jimpressions on Snowflake’s Chance? I really like the look of the game and its a shame to see it doing as slowly as it is.

  8. suddenly so many memories from hearing the title alone! My 20 year-old IBM 133, with floppy discs, Prince of Persia, Lode runner, x-com, and that one puzzle game where you eat stuff in the correct order while boulders are trying to screw you over. Thanks for the memories, Jim! BTW, if anyone reading this know the name of that puzzle game – lemme know, please!

  9. Brings back Atari memories 😀

  10. I goddamn love Lode Runner original. This looks curious

  11. omg this looks great can’t wait for day one nude mod and dicks being the top downloads on steam

  12. Lode Runner is never boring

  13. Chlorine's gaming repo

    Tozai games also made the PS3 / PS4 remake of Spelunker. So I think they may have Spelunker HD greenlit sooner or later.

  14. … New, and tasty… For a game based on something at least 30 years old? Huh.

  15. Back in the day?  You were 5 years old, lol

  16. Mohamed Farouk Elewa

    a serious question here … did they secure the rights for the game title ?

  17. Hey Jim, will you finally do a video detailing all the Goodlight Greenstuff you featured that actually got greenlit whence Steam Greenlight dies? Because I’d really like to see that.

  18. Sounds like a winner to me.

  19. 3d dot game heroes on the ps3 was an amazing game using voxels

  20. I demand more Boglin content!!

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