LIVE – Lots Of Baby Death In This

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Oh… it’s one of THOSE .



  1. TheFlusteredCustard

    I dunno, I found myself getting kinda into this game. That “prophecy” picture of cain and abel right before you killed your brother, every boss in the game having something that you want, I feel like there might genuinely be some kind of story here.

  2. If only Temper Tantrum had turn out like this, then maybe Digital Homicide would still be with us.

    Okay, that’s giving them way too much credit, but still.

  3. This game feels so very 2003. The paper doll animation, the ridiculously over responsive physics, the punch sound effect, the generic license free music… It all feels like an old 2003 flash game. I forgot how much I missed those.

  4. You had me at dead babies

  5. Water graphics aren’t that bad

  6. ah i was actually a little curious about what was going to happen when turtle candy man caught up with the girl, it seemed like it was going to be…..controversial

  7. My breakfast came right back up! GOOD GOD!

  8. This looks oddly good for what it is. I’d buy it for two euros.

  9. Penises with noses are a real thing. For example, I’m a dick and I have a nose.

  10. This defies some kind of game design rule – but I’m not sure which one!

  11. This is not a meme game, although it is a joke game.

  12. The amount of dead babies in this video makes me happy

  13. This isn’t “memes”; this is something that redefines what a meme is ?

  14. I hate to admit this but…I really wanna see where this goes. A guy with decade-old candy and a turtle shell following a random woman down a dark grungy street. DAMN IT JIM, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

  15. Okay is that third level going to end with a murder in a dark alley?

    Because that was really stalkery

  16. Rothur The Paladin

    This game was made for you jim

  17. This wasn’t memes. But it should be

  18. so what do yall think of that one anime called evil or live

  19. That song at the end is from Bully. It’s playing on the radio inside the townie hideout save location. I know no one cares, but it was bugging me because I knew I had heard it before.

  20. My theory is that the guy making this game realized early on he was shit at making games, so he went full meta-autheur and decided to make the shittiest game conceivable in order to be the best at *something*

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