Live Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas 11/16/2017

We sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer many of your questions on the BlizzCon 2017 announcements, the new Antorus raid dungeon, patch 7.3.5, and any other -related questions.


  1. Ey Taliesin and Evitel!! Whats up guys 🙂

  2. Based on the background, legacy servers for the rest of the expansions incoming minus WOD

  3. Love the fact that the one expansion poster that’s not their is wod

  4. I have a deep and burning hunger in my loins that can only be satiated by a ravenous and lustful encounter with Ion Hazzikostas.


  6. where’s the rest of his right eyebrow

  7. Come on guys we wanna see the Lich King on the movie

  8. I wish Ian Hazzikostas was my dad

  9. Thank you for making Vanilla – Vanilla.

  10. in ion we trust

  11. speaking of sets and looks of armor. I really want a long coat for my rogue.

  12. The barber in SW has skeletons hidden in the floor boards in the room upstairs for those who don’t know – check it out.

  13. Hearing Ion talk made me feel like WoW is actually in a very good hands.

  14. Why Zandalari trolls doesnt have dinosaur battle forms ? 🙁 Would be epic playing as a Direhorn Guardian. I know scripts, lore and many stuff are based unique demigod animal spirits but, still want to turn into triceratops.

  15. CONFIRMED: Vol’jin Dust will be the enchanting mat of the expansion!

  16. Honestly, the gaming situation with lootboxes nowadays makes the $15 sub seem soooooooo much worth it.

  17. Thank god… Bellular was at my door when this was posted I almost didn’t make it.

  18. Like some others…i’m sure that going through it all to find a specific question is annoying. Here they are listed:
    2:33 Since Tier Set bonuses are going away in BfA, does this mean we’re still getting 12 unique armor sets per tier? One per class? Or is class-based tier art going away?
    9:02 Wont the removal of tier bonuses create less incentive for people to do raids? The removal/lessening of incentives typically lowers participation rates and there is a concern it will impact raiding guilds in future.
    10:57 Patch 7.3.5 has a lot of content, but we mostly learned about it through scattered fragments in BlizzCon interviews. What’s the Tl;DR on new features coming in 7.3.5?
    12:05 In Legion, class identity was dealt with amazingly. Are there plans to do the same for races during BFA? Given the new focus on factions and addition of subraces. It’d be a great time to expand inside rather than out.
    13:50 Could you guys elaborate on what rep standing we’ll need to unlock allied races? Will players be expected to go earn exalted with the Nightfallen in BFA for example?
    15:26 Will we be able to racechange to an allied race, level one of that race to 110 to get the transmog, and use the armor on the racechanged character?
    16:17 Are there plans to make sure that ALL classes on both sides of the conflict will get more race options with future Allied Races?
    17:56 Will other hunched races (Darkspear trolls, undead, worgen, to a lesser extent tauren) get the option for an upright posture as well?
    20:05 Will all of the Zandalari troll druid forms be based on dinosaurs, or just their travel form which was confirmed to be a raptor at Blizzcon?
    21:02 What is planned for the Honor prestige system in BfA? Will we still need to grind for our honor talents? Or even have honor talents anymore?
    22:25 Will artifact skins be locked to the spec they are from? I am not a healer but I really enjoy a lot of the Resto shields/maces and would like to wield them as Elemental after Legion.
    23:00 Will Artifact appearances earned on my current 110 Hunter be available for transmog on my new Void Elf Hunter in BFA?
    23:37 With the announcement that legiondaries will not return in BfA and that the medallion will be a sort of replacement, does this mean we will not see any of those glorious orange items at all? (Also a look into why they are terrible people :O )
    24:52 Can we get 10 man Mythic Raiding? Please and thank you
    29:49 How does the team feel about the overall difficulty for mythic Tomb of Sargeras? Will Antorus be tuned similarly or does the team feel that ToS was a bit too difficult?
    32:40 Is Aman’Thul’s vision going to be personal drop only or an item drop that can be assigned via master look?
    35:22 Is there going to be an increase to the M+ cap with Antorus as there is with every other raid?
    36:26 Will Titanforging still allow you to get mythic quality gear in normal raids in Battle for Azeroth?
    40:47 Why are you killing world PVP in an expansion focused on faction wars?
    43:59 How will PVP server changes affect RP-PVP realms? Recent changes to RP server phasing seem to be misaligned with the new direction of PVP/PVE realms.
    45:40 Since BFA will finally be PvP heavier, will raiding capitals be more rewarded, or do you plan anything to encourage players to kill faction leaders?
    46:39 What are your plans in regards to class changes for BFA? Many specs (Demonology for example) did not like the direction their spec took in Legion and from what we heard at Blizzcon so far is that there will be few class changes. (Mentions of Demonology rework)
    50:05 With the return of raid buffs, will we see classes gain raid utility back (Retribution having Hand of Sacrifice)?
    51:43 Are there any plans to build some artifact traits into spells come BfA, like mobile Tranq for Resto Druids?
    54:39 What’s going to happen with Hati for BM hunters? It would be sad to lose the skins, but also the extra pet with a story behind it. It just felt right for the spec.
    55:24 Will we see updated Warlock animations by the end of Legion or will it be around BFA?
    55:51 With the new old zone levelling scale will you make older zones more relevant for the end game content, like world quests or more Timewalking?
    56:20 Legion’s relics helped even out the massive power difference of getting or not getting a weapon drop. Will BfA go back to pre-Legion weapon drops, or will there be a new relic-like mechanic?
    57:51 What is going to happen to our beloved Underlight Angler come Battle for Azeroth?
    58:19 With the increase to the amount of characters per server limit, will we also see an increase in the character per account limit?

  19. *Decorator* : Sir, we’re not going to have enough room to get the WoD case in the shot.
    *Ion* : Won’t be a problem.

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