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This is… special. Quite special indeed.


  1. Shot through the wall, and you’re to blame. You published; a bad game.

  2. Was that a guy in a Klu Klux Klan hood in the window during that slow-motion section?

  3. I’m curious, did this get deemed not advertiser friendly still?

  4. Oh my God I just realized why jim got so confused about where to go…her directions aren’t in sync with where the player is. It’s just a script that keeps going no matter where you are in the level. What were they thinking?

  5. Some India level programmer shit

  6. It looks like a half life 1 mod.

  7. IS that opening room the “welcome to oculus” room?, those coat hangers look very familier.

  8. I like the random hex editor screenshot

  9. Rent prices in NYC so high you can’t even afford a sheet for your shit covered mattress, or Vsync.

  10. I laughed so damn hard during this. Jim is too funny.

  11. This is more of a game mock-up and not a game at all.

  12. Just pay an additional $99 for loot boxes for a chance to get improved graphics and dialogue!

  13. This game brought out Jim’s voice acting skills.

  14. kristopher irizarry

    still, it’s better than Call of Nightmare from the other day…

  15. I want to see you play through this entire game.

  16. When I saw this, all I could think of was that part in Whoops Apocalypse where Rik Myall and SAS talks about how many of their own men they’ve accidentally killed during a raid on a wax museum. 7:00 onwards via the link below:

  17. You don’t get the greatness of that game. It surpasses even our limited mortal comprehension.

  18. Haha I wouldn’t be surprised if that was all there was to the game XD

  19. That’s some of the worst screen tearing I have ever seen. These crap games would be funnier if they wern’t so sad.

  20. NoLablesLeft Eldered

    Thanking Jim for him god he is. Nice Later…

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