Let’s Talk About Randy Pitchford’s Tantrum Over Borderlands 3’s Microtransactions

Randy Pitchford probably didn’t lie when he said no microtransactions weren’t coming to Borderlands 3. He probably totally misunderstood what microtransactions are following years of abusive ones, though.

Borderlands 3 will be getting cosmetic microtransactions, and when Randy was called on it, he threw a complete fit. This only made the story blow up more, because the Gearbox CEO’s victim complex never works out for him.

He needs to remember what microtransactions are though. He’s a CEO of a game company.

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  1. Got a Borderlands 3 ad, so mission accomplished Randy!

    Was already going to wait for Epic exclusivity ends so the game gets fixed/cheaper/see what the DLC is.

  2. Randy is the type of guy who blocks someone just for tweeting at him “Aliens: Colonial Marines”

  3. “Guns with legs? We got that boo.
    Microtransactions? We got that too.”

  4. Why do all these Man Children Executives have such punchable faces???

  5. Randy is a pathological liar and a con-man. No wonder why the original voice for Claptrap hates him

  6. Rabbit Town Productions

    Randy: No microtransactions
    Borderlands 3: Has microtransactions
    Game informer: Randy sorta lied

  7. _Microtransactions with Legs?_
    _We got you boo._

  8. They won’t nickle and dime players. Yeah, because 4 different editions, preorder bonuses, a fuckton of DLCs and microtransactions are just negligible.

  9. Alleosus Squirt

    Randy has become more deflective than most white house correspondents.

  10. “Come on guys!” these are clearly Magic-Transactions, not Micro-Transactions!

  11. I’m beginning to think it’s Randy who’s got the hard-on for Jim. Like he’s baiting Jim into doing videos talking about his stupid behavior because he actually gets off on it.

  12. Professor Fuzzymuffins

    I love the passive-aggressiveness of pretending to forget the name of someone you’re having a dispute with.

  13. I think people don’t like the slimy-conman aspect of this. If a company come out and clearly stated “we are company X, our game Y will have these MT at prices Z. Thats what we’re about, take it or leave it” People might be less pissed, because its out in the open. No one like to be the butt of a con (perceived or otherwise) and consumers are pushing back because of this perception. Obviously I would prefer a situation were one game is sold one time for one price.

  14. The guy is a cringey dad magician, it’s all misdirection.

  15. Randy Pitchford is the kind of guy that I wouldn’t let know if his shoelaces were untied.

  16. Can we start the trend of adding the prefix “Known Liar” to Randy Pitchford’s name?

    “Known Liar Randy Pitchford has Twitter Meltdown”

    Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

  17. The Nothing Nobody

    Randy is kind of making a false equivalence here. He says that they were going to do more ‘cosmetic stuff’, but not ‘premium currency and loot boxes’. Thing is, you can have ‘cosmetic stuff’ and NOT charge IRL money for it.

  18. Someone at Gearbox’s PR department should take away Randy’s Twitter privileges…

  19. “Isn’t this a cosmetic add-on?”
    “And I made a small payment for it. ”
    “So if that’s the case, it must be a microtransaction.”
    “That makes sense to me.”
    “So Borderlands 3 has microtransactions.”
    “Borderlands 3 has no microtransactions!”

  20. *Randy:* “Cosmetic microtransactions are not microtransactions”

    *Game Informer:* “Um, yeah, they are”

    *Randy:* **Shocked Pikachu face**

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