Let’s Talk About Borderlands 3, Epic Store Exclusivity, And An Uncontrolled Market

Borderlands 3 is exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, squirreled away on one storefront for six months before trickling down to the rest.

People are mad, and they’ve every right to be. People have started getting mad at the mad people for being mad, too. The whole thing is one big enmaddening.

Let’s have a serious, calm, honest discussion about this Epic exclusivity stuff, because if you’re angry at that, there’s an entire system Epic’s working within that you can get angry at too!

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  1. I’m fine with waiting til April to buy it.

  2. Damn, I hate when PC releases get delayed

  3. Mentioning Murphy’s law and you put up a picture of Robocop. That is beautiful.

  4. Sega heard that Borderlands 3 was coming out and checked their bank balance to see if anything was missing.

  5. Jimy boy any video about new EA-bioware controversy?

  6. Well maybe all the DLC will be out by the time it returns to Steam. I waited over a year to buy BL2 and still had a blast. Wont be touching it on Epic.

  7. Even the VIDEO GAME STORES are in early access.
    What’s next? Are we going to have to pre-order a video game controller just to play the game?!

  8. Looks like I’ll be playing borderlands 3 6 months late

  9. Does seem like a very weird choice to have it as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store

  10. This ain’t no place for no hero, Jim

  11. Gearbox: *makes a long awaiting game*
    2K: i’m about to destroy this guy’s whole career

  12. “If you want to go hunt a midget riding a bullymong, go find Midge-Mong in southernshelf bay. If not, you are sad and I no longer wish to speak to you.” ~ Sir Hammerlock

  13. Of course Randy thinks it’s a good idea, he thinks alien colonial marines was a good idea.

  14. Hm has been years since I put on some Alestorm.
    Guess its about time.

  15. Again, if you don’t like Epic, vote with your wallets.

  16. Well
    There ain’t no rest for the wicked

  17. companies have now become modern kingdoms. they pillage, they conquer, they want to make sure the sun never sets. we are just the peasants and farmers who are getting bamboozled every time.

  18. The Console Wars
    The PC vs Console Wars

    The PC Civil War has begun

  19. The fact that it’s going to the Epic store first?
    Now I’m not buying the game for sixth months…

    The fact that they’re asking for a hundred dollars for their game at release?
    Now I’m not buying until it’s on sale….

  20. Shoutout to Jim for talking his mind and not just pandering to angry gamers

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