Let’s Mock Anthem For Crashing Players’ PS4s!

UPDATE: Reports are suggesting the bricking issue is exaggerated, but the rest of the story, the crashes and whatnot, are true. The title’s been changed to reflect this.

Anthem is desperate for positive headlines, but this ain’t one of ’em! Bioware’s desperate Destiny wannabe is turning off PS4s and, in some cases, totally bricking them.

As we do our millionth (fourth) Anthem video, let’s make fun of the game, while making a point about how mocking the game is the most fun you can have with it.

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  1. 2018 EA: Makes broken games we will fix it later.
    2019 EA: Makes games that break your console.
    Everything is Awesome!

  2. Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you

    *Bioware:* If I have to go..

  3. Well…that’s one way to lock out the competition.

  4. Fallout 76: deletes itself
    Anthem: Deletes your console

  5. “I was once a video game console… until I took an Anthem in the knee.”

  6. Sam Watson-Tayler

    This is cause for a recall and compensation, but it’s EA they’ll probably just shut down Bioware and give some smug “nothin’ to do with me” response.

  7. I’m more shocked that the reddit guy apparently bought TWO copies of the game. Now that’s the definition of insanity.


    *My PS4 got up and jumped out my window screaming terror when I tried to put Anthem in it.* 😳

  9. My Copy of Anthem for PS4 broke my PS4. Guess I’ll buy another copy for my Xbox….. wtf is wrong with people.

  10. Frozen Harlequin

    “Roasting one’s marshmallows on the dumpster fire” should become a common expression LMAO. Genius :p!

  11. Remember, you can’t spell pancreatic cancer without EA.

  12. Im gonna be honest with you Jim, most game news sites are too positive, they only extol the virtues of the game industry, such as whats coming out when, I actually learn a lot of information from videos like this, if it weren’t for you, I honestly never would have known that Star wars battlefront 2 EA was such a terrible awful no good very bad game

  13. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Bethesda: We have the greatest disappointment in the video game industry this year!

    BioWare: Hold my beer.

  14. And now you can warm marshmallows on your console while Anthem melts your ps4.

  15. Anthem has became self-aware, knowing that it is garbage and decides to kill itself.

  16. Fallout 76 and Anthem (amongst some other “AAA” pearls) have provided me with hours of fun and entertainment. Never bought them, never played them, just had my popcorn and watched the videos on youtube.

  17. So it ruined his PS4, he wanted to warn people but was tempted to go play on the Xbox anyway… so he has at least 2 copies and is happy to keep playing the game. This is why the industry doesn’t fix it’s shit when people like him are rewarding them.

  18. the PS4 commits seppuku when you try to play Anthem, you have driven it to these extreme ends by subjecting it to this shite game.

  19. The Soulja console never had this problem

  20. why does almost every area in the footage look exactly the same? is the _entire game_ really just a giant forest hub?

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