Let’s Look At Dead Or Alive 6’s $92.99 Season Pass

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Dead or Alive 6 has a season pass, and like with many fighting games now, it won’t be the last. Oh, and it costs $92.99.

On the closer end to $100, for a season pass including two characters and a load of simple costumes. This is apparently reasonable and a sign of a healthy market.

DOA6 is expected to have multiple season passes, and they’re more expensive than the game itself. What a world.


  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Paying for dlc is ridiculous in the first place. $92.99 for costumes and a character… Can I use that money for more useful purposes like literally everything else?

  2. I feel like at this point the people who actually care heavily about excessive monitazation and shady tactics are becoming less and the new generation is raised on phone games where this is the normal everyday happenings. So, people will pay it cause its just normal to them I feel. Also, there are some people who just have too much money that play games or some form of mental problem (like gambling or impulsive buying even if they are broke.)

  3. I don’t see the appeal of DOA6. The roster is cut down from 5. They expect us to pay for characters from the previous game. The game mechanics don’t seem to be changed significantly.

  4. As much of a DOA fan i am, i find SC6 to have more value for less money than DOA6 has offered. I want DOA6 to do good and especially on PC now but it seems like KT always finding ways to ruin it for everybody.

  5. Perfectly Sliced Egg

    Guess what? Its says *Season Pass 1* meaning there is most likely a second, third etc.

  6. Perfectly Sliced Egg

    Blue Reflection had an equally damaging Season Pass. £89.99 I believe.

  7. Yea, no season pass should even come CLOSE to that price… I too remember the days when we just got complete games from day 1 and just unlocked characters/extra context/secrets/etc naturally by playing instead of paying, when if they asked for more money afterwards they were selling you a substantial expansion pack or full sequel… now the only ones I know of pretty much that do good expansions are CDPR.

  8. Either pay $152.99 for all the characters NOW, or pay $40 for all the characters LATER when they releases the obligatory “Ultimate” edition 😒

  9. The expense is bad enough, but that’s one really weird price. $92.99. Why price it at that? Why not $89, or $90 or anything that’s the sort of price point anyone actually uses. rather than… $93.

  10. Every time I see a game do this, I skip the game altogether. Except for the Sims, have almost every expansion, that’s my only weakness and I hate myself for it…

  11. When you think about it 67 skins alone in Street Fighter would cost over $134.

  12. It is said that the best dead or alive player only plays with one hand…

    because he simultaniously faps with the other

  13. Remember when Saints Row memed the pre orders and special editions with their 1 million dollars pack?
    Looks like they are actually gonna make them a thing.

  14. Error 404: Hodor Not Found

    I miss the days you could unlock cosmetic costumes by completing the game with certain characters and achieving certain feats.

  15. for $92 you could get about 6-7 quality games in a steam sale….

  16. I don’t know, I think I could find a prostitute willing to play DoA with me for less than a 100 bucks…
    Not that I would know of such things, of course.

  17. And DOA wanted to be taken seriously as a fighting game XDDD

  18. Perfectly Sliced Egg

    Hey remember… when costumes were earned for *free* in the game by *Progression* ?

  19. I want to support this game, I love the DOA series, but this season pass is absolute garbage. I bought DOA5 the first day it came out, saw 3 re-releases and 1000 dollars of dlc costumes ultimately arrive and we look _dead set_ to continue on that same shitty pattern of monetization. I almost want to say “at least it isn’t loot boxes” and yet at 92.99 on top of 70 some dollars for the version with all the characters, I can not bring myself to see even that as a bright spot.

  20. Good thing I didn’t payed for the season pass, Soul Calibur and Tekken are better with season passes. But yet again Namco doesn’t go overboard unlike the rest.

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