Let’s Be Insufferably Sarcastic About Overwatch’s 312 New Skins And League Tokens

I still maintain that Overwatch is a game… but screw Overwatch.

of the slopjobs surrounding it, so I’m just going to be really effing sarcastic about Blizzard.


  1. You’re fat lol

  2. Apparently an ad for the Overwatch League is playing before this video.


  3. I used to play Overwatch, I liked it. Then I got sick of loot box culture and I sold it because I realized Overwatch (and myself) helped it all come to be.

  4. Holy shit. JUST SELL TICKETS!!
    What’s wrong with the triple AAA game industry where they don’t understand that “selling shit up front” is totally fine!?

  5. If a game can’t make enough money by selling everything it offers at once, then they obviously can’t afford a mathematician to determine a price point, and obviously can’t afford to make any games.

  6. you mean the team skins aren’t given out totally randomly on purchase of a crate?

    Good lord, aren’t we all so VERY lucky, thanks Blizzard!

  7. i wonder how many different defense and excuses overwatch fans have used over the years to try and defend overwatch’s microtransactions.

    4:08 i’ve heard that excuse for plenty of other free-to-pay games too. cuz “keeping games up and running is expensive” so…therefore we simply _need_ to drain YOUR (the end users) wallet to keep the game up and running.

    which sounds convincing at first but…it’s typically just another BS excuse to shove microtransactions into and thus ruin the game.

    game developers in general never really have any actual _good_ reasons for why they _need_ to include microtransactions. they just keep regurgitating the same BS excuses you hear from their fans.

    heck, not long ago, i was arguing with an idle/incremental game dev who thought the business model EA tried to use in battlefront II was an actual good one.

    heck, in the end, before the guy just stopped replying to my comments he even went so far as to try and pander to my fe fe’s!

    “I’m a dad working the graveyard shift with two kids, making an app for fun.”

    yeah, and i’m sure all the shitty, scum of the earth bastards working at and running EA also have families. that is one of the WORST excuses for shoving microtransactions in and breaking your own product i had heard in quite a while.

    just how desperate and utterly greedy does a game developer have to be to try and use their own family to try and justify using this shit?

    devs, get it through your skulls: make a product people actually LIKE and ENJOY playing and the money will flow. keep making shit and forcing microtransaction bullshit down everyones throats and eventually you _will_ start losing money until it stops flowing entirely…that or EA will cannibalize you and spit out the bloody bone remains if they even leave that much behind.

  8. I got my one skin for free, I’m happy and don’t feel any need to buy any skins with actual money. Now, on the flip side, I saw someone bragging about how they got all of the skins yesterday, so I know that my not buying anything is countered out by the guys that will buy everything t.

  9. overwatch now with 2 flavours of microtransaction
    boy I can’t wait for 2019 maybe will get a third flavour.

  10. Never played it, don’t care about it.

    Hate the impact it’s having on the industry…

  11. Just saw the overwatch ad before this video, my god is it obnoxious.

  12. My brother convinced me to buy overwatch back in early 2k17, im currently persuing legal advice to disown him.

  13. “You earn Overwatch tokens by watching the OWL Matches!” Well then it’s a good thing they sure picked all the matches to be played in such European-friendly times such as 2 and 4am GMT… >_>

  14. am I the only one who would love to see an entire video in the AAAYY spokesperson voice. Maybe a ‘if activision/wb/nintendo/konami/ubisoft were honest with us’ kind of video ??

  15. The only good thing about Overwatch is porn made about it.

  16. Overwatch and *Activision*-Blizzard fanboys are so much cancer.

  17. I haven’t played Overwatch in ages. :/

  18. TWO virtual currencys now? OMG it is a mobile game!

  19. LMAO too true, Destiny 2 fans truly do want the game to change, Overwatch fans just think ur bad.

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