Lego Star Wars: Rebel Base Attack

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A secret base belonging to the rebels is attacked in this stopmotion…


  1. very nice.

    one small complaint: only one blaster sound plays at moments like 0:44 when it should be multiple

  2. Glad to see this group of rebel scum get what they deserve. PLEASE consider donating to your local empire support foundation to make sure brave troopers like the ones in this video get the support and medical attention they need when they return home from duty. Hail Vader.

  3. lol this was awesome!

  4. Better than Rogue One.

  5. keep it up man this was really fun to watch!

  6. Ritchie Christian

    Amazing job! Keep them coming.

  7. This must have taken forever. With talent, and perseverance like this you will be be successful in life.

  8. totally unrealistic… the storm troopers actually hit a target!

  9. Very cool! Well done mate!

  10. The camera shots were really cool! Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. i can’t look the video 🙁

  12. I have to call bullshit. Imperial Stormtroopers actually hitting their target?!?! FAKE NEWS!

  13. Awesome, I love stop motion animation and know how tedious it can be, well done!

  14. Dude, awesome! I liked your flame effects a lot! good camera work 🙂

  15. Yo thos was a lot of fun to watch. The sequence where the grabs the rocket launcher was ?

  16. Tight. Tight, tight tight.

  17. Hi, I’m from Storyful, we want to help you get the most you can from this video. Please write to me on to hear more. Thanks, Denis.

  18. Definitely not Luna

    Great Stop motion movie what app or program do you use to make your Lego videos and edit them?????????????? I just subscribed keep up the amazing work

  19. this joel?

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