LED IT RAIN – Bikinis And Shark Bikes

The concept is ridiculous but they did not stick the landing.


  1. Why is the volume so low?

  2. Fwazangalang Entertainment

    Well that was…….something?

  3. How can one be a “skeletal sex therapist”? How do you even fuck a
    skeleton?! How to skeletons fuck?!

  4. You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa !!

    I noticed ‘Shop’ in the menu so maybe it is “Pay to Win.”

  5. That’s not a chain gun. It’s a gatling gun. Totally different things.

  6. 9:19
    That’s an interesting looking “spike”.

  7. Crypt of Death is a really redundant name.

  8. S̶u̶b̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶I̶n̶s̶a̶n̶i̶t̶y̶

    Just like the Half Life 2 hoverboat.

  9. I wonder if it’d work better as more of a Lucky & Wild-style game, where
    you’re trying to navigate through the environments chasing after something
    while shooting the crap out of… well, everything, while going for high
    scores. The “race” seems a bit tacked-on, really.

  10. its indeed a shitgame :)

  11. how can he hold a gun in his right hand if the throttle is on the right
    side of the bars?

  12. The graphics are very good for an early 1990’s arcade shooter !

  13. Damn, I thought I had issues… :P

  14. I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t try the moon level. Because carrying a
    shark while riding on a motorcycle shooting zombies on the moon sounds

  15. Данила Жиленков

    Mr. Sterling did you get that Halo tattoo?

  16. About 11 seconds in I could see this game was a pile of trash.

  17. Cecil's Wayback Gaming Machine


  18. I got this game march 9 2015 on desura…nothings changed…Thats over a
    year and it’s the same shit…

  19. Looks like Jim got Deep-Silvered.

  20. Serious Sam meets Big Rigs.

  21. Thought it said let I train when the video started.

  22. 3:28 Is that a Titan?

  23. Ayalas - Gameplays de Hearthstone

    The Gas accelerator is in right hand for all bikes.

  24. This would have been made better if it had combo support for a light gun
    and a steering wheel. I know it sounds silly but trust me that would make
    it awesome.

  25. better than ride to hell

  26. Revolver being shot like an automatic pistol with no reloading. Of course.

  27. It’s so sad that jim goes in with such high expectations then you hear the
    disappointment sink in it makes me kinda sad. I haven’t checked but I’m 90
    precent sure these are all store bought assets. Sad to see a fun idea flop

  28. why do u waste your time and money playing these games?

  29. Seems to share the charm of SEGA’S House of the Dead arcade games.

  30. I feel like the best way this game could have handled the bike controls
    would be to make the bike automatically drive on a path, but allow you to
    control it with WASD as well. So the bike would automatically go on rails,
    but if you wanted to you could drift off the rails. Then if you stopped
    using WASD the bike would slowly turn back onto the default path. They
    could have also removed the acceleration and deceleration from the game,
    and replaced it with a brake button and a boost button (the bike would
    drive automatically). So W would boost, S would brake, A would go left off
    the rails, and D would go right off the rails.

  31. Chewable Arsenic Candies

    The logo looks like “Led Itrain” rather than ‘Led it Rain’. Nice job,
    whoever designed it.

  32. Shark dyuck

  33. Sans The Skeleton

    Here’s hoping the game will improve. The idea is solid, and it’s still in
    Early Access.

  34. Hmm, for some reason I am getting ads on Mister Sterling’s videos. These
    are supposed to be ad-free, yes?

  35. Still better than Ride To Hell: Retribution

  36. I dunno about anyone else. But I personally have never seen a Motorcycle
    with the throttle on the left hand.

  37. NaneelQueenOfDarknes

    Lol I would play this just for the shark dunno why but I quite enjoyed
    seeing it chew through zombies ;)

  38. Christian Neihart

    Why are there laps? What are you racing against? Who are you racing

  39. Francisco Gutierrez

    This would have been the BEST arcade game. Imagine combining the lean to
    control bike racing games with the plastic gun shooting games.

  40. Ento: The Chesnaut Knight

    Here’s to hoping the devs improve the gameplay!

  41. If this were an arcade game with a motorcycle body and light-gun it would
    be amazing.

  42. I really wish the game audio Was more audible on all of jims videos tbh

  43. its charming like death race 2000

  44. Grayve Rose Music

    lol the guy you play as looks exactly like Conan O’brien but missing his
    signature hair

  45. The girls are nice, but i’d rather get a big smooch from the #1 kissboy Jim
    Sterling himself.

  46. Throttle is on the right handle of a bike……

  47. This looks like it would’ve been a sick arcade game when I was young.

  48. it’s ride to hell with even worse bike riding mechanics and less offensive

  49. Oh poop, this got through finally 😀 Also, did anyone try to claim the
    video for the music on the background??? :P

  50. It’s like the airboat levels in Half Life 2 but way worse…and with

  51. This game should have been in 3rd person.

  52. This game looks like it would be REALLY fun as an arcade machine.

  53. Aiden is all Knowing

    This could be a cool mobile game using tilt-controls to steer and touch to

  54. Jonas Bjerregaard

    A great game for Jim – why? ‘Cause he’s the nr. 1 kissboy, of course!

  55. hy there!
    I have worked on some games in the past and i think they made a nice Job.
    But this Games are more in itch.io tradition and should be free/donate.

    Greetings from Indie Dev. Hell also known as Steam Greenlight ; )

  56. So it’s pretty much grindcore of videogames, right?

  57. Hey, you can reverse, the game is better then Ride to Hell.

  58. Of course it was going to suck. What did you expect seriously.

  59. Anyone else excited for the next Layers of White coming out?

  60. Well it does simulate driving a bike one handed pretty well

  61. Why does your character have a huge chunk missing from his skull?

  62. I got an ad. I wonder why?

  63. the controls/stearing aren’t awful, you’re just a fucking retard with no
    hand eye coordination, you were staring when you were almost off the road.
    your brain can’t process two things at once, steering and aiming.

  64. so it made it… im glad i showed this to you jim . lets hope it gets

  65. Arbhall McDougall

    Damn man….. thanks for playing that for us. You are a bit of a Sin eater
    for the gaming community arent you?

  66. Why is there no sound Jim? I hear you, I can’t hear any of the game and

  67. It reminds me a lot of all the crazy concepts we had back in the 90s … ah
    refreshing memories. I have no idea how they could make it work but I still
    applaud them to try to think on how to make this over the top idea work.
    Still not buying it though
    Edit: just saw the shopping section … their spike look a lot more to
    something else: you naughty boys

  68. So is it just implied that this guy has a sharks head for a dick? Cause
    that would fit in well enough with the rest of the game.

  69. They should have sold this idea to Ubisoft rather than make it themselves
    so it could be iconic instead of bad.

  70. where’s the music? that’s what i was looking forward to the most

    bought it myself, i’ll play it for 5 minutes later tonight…i’ve spent $4
    on worse

  71. originalscreenname44

    Welcome to Ride To Hell 2.

  72. At least truly awful early access games conjure some immediately offensive,
    emotive response.

    This just forced me to confront how dead I am inside.

  73. Could have been a good idea for an arcade cabinet. Leaning bike + light

  74. That, uh, “spike”… It kinda looked like a buttplug…

  75. Could anyone else not hear the pistol?

  76. Kelly Keith (Ruby)


  77. I have NEVER, in my life, seen a bike with the throttle on the LEFT side,
    not even once. Since they make it easy to be critical, how many shots does
    that magical revolver that the hammer never moves have in it?

  78. who gives a shit about games show us some memes mane

  79. Best part of the game is the text cutoff.

  80. The One Free Man

    Id like to just leave an apology here, due to a few days ago i left a
    comment about Digihom’s latest new games, not knowing you were in a lawsuit
    with them. I sincerely apologize for my insensitivity.

  81. Every time Jim mentions Colonial Marines I suddenly feel depressed and
    yearn to cry while crouched hugging my legs in the coldest part of the
    shower. (The power loader scene could have been
    glorious……glorious…..the horror)

  82. enoughofyourkoicarp

    Anyone else having redneck rampage flashbacks?

  83. I want this to be awesome. I don’t think the devs have the skills to pull
    this off though.

  84. this kinda reminds me of ride to hell……except this is better

  85. it’s high noon…

  86. Let it rain! Let it rain on them hose… them two garden hose that I left
    out on the lawn. Let them sit out there in the rain. I’ll go pick ’em up

  87. Nuh uh, I don't rack a discaprine

    There’s a lot of bullets in that 6 shooter

  88. Holy crap, varying enemy placement per lap. impressive.

  89. That is some intense leaning. I’m rather shocked you’re not kissing the
    ground and trading numbers.

  90. Basically resident evil.

  91. (Developer response) Thank you, Jim. It was very healthy for me to get the
    game available. Now it depends on sales if I am able to add more content to
    the game such as new levels (asylum, neon city etc) and more items into
    shop and more guns for the player. No one but me would like to add more
    variation to the game but unfortunately I go by very limited budget (making
    this game has indeed made me debt). I would like to you all use
    #LedItRainAAAGame, #LedItRainArcade and #LedItRainMovie on social media to
    discuss it further and maybe attract´interest of some big operators…

  92. Jim the volume is way way waaay too low on the game, literally cannot even
    hear the explosions. This is my only problem with this series.

  93. びんびんごはんケーキー

    Its actually not that bad. A fee tweaks here and there, port it for VR, and
    I think its ready to come out o the oven

  94. Neoshaman Fulgurant

    That’s not a shark that’s your D***

  95. Why do these games always make your head tilt when riding the motorcycle??
    That’s not at all how you should ride :/

  96. bayonetta did it better.

  97. Well that’s a shame, they might as well have just made a parody trailer and
    left it at that with how the results turned out…

  98. I think this game would be better if it was more Binding of Isaac-esque.
    Random levels; greater variety of enemies and power-ups and tweak the

  99. This would have worked way better if they took inspiration from runner
    games so you’re always moving forward but you just get to choose whether
    you go left or right, often with 3 lanes to switch between. Have turning be
    automatic, maybe some turning to collect boxes and leave it at that. Fully
    on rails would definitely work well too. This looks like it should have
    been a co-op game with one player doing the turning and the other with a

    Looks boring anyhow, it’s a shame to see a good idea get wasted. They could
    have done a lot better.

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