Leaving Twitch – The Next Chapter

I’ve decided to start streaming exclusively on Mixer. As of today, you can follow my stream on http://mixer.com/ninja

Get the Official Gameplay Headband of Ninja here! https://win.gs/NinjaHeadband

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  1. He probably got payed millions for this offer and he deserves it but he is going to lose a lot of people from his community tho. Good Luck Ninja.

    • 1000 Subscribers with no video’s Nope

    • Jaris Kean Arelis Nope

    • @Aaron moise i know how it works…but that doesnt make him deserve it, just sayin

    • Mattia Binotto how does he deserve it any less than other youtubers or entertainers. He worked hard for his money and made smart decisions, he 100% deserves it. Also 1 million would set him for life and he’s making about 80 times that, so good on him for finding a way to support himself. You cant say someone doesn’t deserve something from doing something they love just because you dont think its a real job or career, most “real” jobs barely get people past rent each month.

    • @Galaxy keep on wishing

  2. Ninja: I will be streaming on mixer
    Twitch:Say Sike Right now

  3. I know exactly what this means. Mixer = Microsoft. Microsoft = Halo. Halo Infinite is going to have a BR I guarentee it.

  4. smormf the hogdeheg

    interviewer: why did you make this decision?

    ninja: well they offered me a life time supply of *MONEY* so like…

  5. no one: I’m moving to mixer to regain why I started streaming in the first place

    literally everyone: how much did you get tf paid?

  6. 1:01
    “Wow that was one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked”
    I agree.. it was so good ninja couldn’t even answer it

  7. have you heard of this new thing called


  8. Time to claim a good Mixer username before it blows up lol

  9. “Get back in touch with my roots”

    Translation: They’re giving me a bunch of money

  10. Ninja: switches to Mixer

    Ninja’s twich subs: am i a joke to you?

  11. “what are you most excited for about this change?”
    ninja: you know i feel like it can really take me back to my roots and get me to remember why i started streaming.
    ninja, really: money

  12. Twitch: Did you do it?
    Mixer: …..Yes
    Twitch: What did it cost?
    Mixer: 100 Million……

  13. Ninja what inspired you to switch to a new streaming platform?

    Ninja: I like money.

  14. Ninja: *Leaves twitch*

    Twitch: What about the memes..?

  15. Ninja: **switches to mixer**
    Mom: It’s that damn XBOX

  16. Geoffrey PierreAntoine

    Ninja: I will be streaming exclusively on mixer

    Twitch: not funny, didn’t laugh

  17. Ninja – I’m going to get back to my roots

    Also Ninja – Same Ninja, different platform

  18. **Ninja moves to Mixer*

    Comment Section: _”becomes normal”_

  19. Next chapter is him leaving Mixer for YouTube streaming.

  20. Mr.Mike's Dreipunktewruf

    Mom: Who is Marshmallow?
    Me: A Musician
    My little Brother: No he is a Fortnite skin.

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