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PLEASE D: … We Lost.

First Track: Position Music(Jack Trammell)- Neosphere (2012 Epic Massive Hybridized Electro Rock powerful)
Final Track: My Heart Will Go On – Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland

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Live and Die for the Play.


  1. and that ladies and gentlemen is the elo we are all aiming for

  2. NA Salt Lord

  3. Ihax4u - I'm Back

    pls tell me you won atleast

  4. Will's Book Channel

    vi didnt recall immediately either. she went to gromp for free farm. on
    average the idiots on both sides even things out

  5. Right into feels

  6. nice video kkkkkkkkjjjjj

  7. Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington

    The Font of the text sold it for me. Legend..

  8. I mean. from the looks of it, ezreal isnt in range to see the caitlyn
    recalling >_>

  9. Maybe play a real champ Kappa

  10. Why are you in hammer stance for….?

  11. Dude man your vids are so good. Can’t resist giving a like and i hardly
    give likes to vids

  12. Love your videos by the way <3

  13. Hello from the outsideeeee #PreyForDovah love ya bro

  14. FeelsSplitpushMan

  15. Some ppl just make you carry them so hard

  16. LOL This is so well edited, music on point, GJ man


  18. Nasty music +1

  19. THE TEARS.. ; _ ;

  20. xd ezreal kys

  21. Your not the only one

  22. god damn, i miss the times when W was still 130% and he could kill turrets
    in speeds that even tristana could only dream about.

  23. Rest in peace, sweet prince…. < / 3

  24. learn how to not go 2/7 xd

  25. It’s just a game your supposed to have fun winning or losing.

  26. Is this why Jayce’s winrate is below 50%

  27. Cancer music!


  29. Music 2 loud bruv

  30. looks more like jayce doesn’t know when to back either lol

  31. Whats the thing called when the guy makes random noises?

  32. Wow, just wow

  33. i am going to be the best sup in the oce severs 1 day

  34. FeelsNAMan

  35. How was that inhib 100hp with the tower up? lmfao

  36. グレゴリスコット

    You can also ping and tell your team what you’re doing………………

  37. You couldnt eve solo their adc lol.

  38. Like every other Ezreal player. A complete waste of oxygen and space in
    this world. Go execute yourselves already.

  39. no assist pings spammed, I’m disappointed

  40. if I ever get matched with that Ezreal I will troll him. I’m glad you
    included his name in the video.

  41. Watch the map you dirty jayce player

  42. I smell traces of sodium


  44. the flash though.

  45. Learn how to teamfight scrub.

  46. wow! was that dubstep??? are you a time traveler from 2009?!!!

  47. i can’t believe someone used Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland .

  48. Unfortunate


  49. ezreal cancerboy confirmed

  50. lol i feel ya bro

  51. I feel you bruh

  52. retard ez

  53. Whats the name of the song when ez was farming ?

  54. I cried :c

  55. RIP GG

  56. I cri

  57. ugh this happens all the god damn time around lower diamond…there’s
    always that 1 idiot who’s not on the same page as everyone else, but by the
    time you realize he’s gonna fuck you over it’s already done…

  58. 1 like and this person gets some skill and not play 1/7

  59. + Vi didnt back instantly, she went for a gromp first..

  60. you shouldve backed as soon as you saw your teammates stop chasing u
    autistic clown

  61. u say u lose 10 games every month like that. then is ur fault, if u see
    them not being stoped back the fuck away

  62. NA ezreal needed to buy some more McDonalds

  63. After that sick dive i defenitely felt the urge to watch your jayce guide

  64. Hope you get a teammate who knows how to cancel tps next time

  65. pray*

  66. Lol noob retard autistic kid learn how to solo a caitlyn under toewer as
    jayce, noobs

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