Leaky Twitch (The Jimquisition)

Twitch is becoming more and more of a circus lately, and the latest performance easily tops them all! The entire site leaked. The whole thing.

Utter disaster. LetR;s poke at a bit.


  1. Thank God for Steph’s amazing outfit, and thank God for Sterling!

  2. I just hope people don’t forget the leaks of actual billionaires, that this leak happened to overshadow

  3. We should be grateful to Twitch for their implementation of the ideals of open source and transparency.

  4. “Leaky Twitch” sounds like a synonym for rabies from 19th century countryside

  5. “Twitch’s leadership has come across as useless, incompetent, and barely there in the last couple years.” YouTube would be proud.

  6. My favorite part was rolling out the phone number verification feature a week before the website got broken into, possibly exposing everyone’s phone numbers.

  7. the point of buying the OLED switch was to do a giveaway! don’t you remember you told us all about it! 🙂

  8. I know of one Twitch streamer who sent an email requesting the 70-30 split due to YT looking more attractive to the streamer and their community.

    They got an automated response less than 10 minutes later explaining why it wouldn’t be honoring the request.

    Meanwhile, they’ve only gone and sued the hate raiders instead of actually doing anything.

  9. I’ve started referring to them as Amazon Twitch and Google YouTube now, helps keeps my surprise at things like this grounded.

  10. I learned about that leak from , of all things, Warframe’s forum announcement to please change your Twitch password… Like, duuuudes… I understand the problem of Twitch not wanting to direct e-mail people about this without looking like a phishing attempt… But Warframe forums are in no way a place where anyone should hear about that leak first.

  11. The same day Facebook and the other sites had their outage, the card readers at the store where I work stopped working so any of our customers who didn’t have cash on hand were fucked for nearly an hour. Not saying there’s a connection, but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one.

  12. Even if you don’t use a different password for everything, which, you should. Use a different password for twitch. Seriously, because this will happen again.

  13. What a wild, stupid time we live in… love your videos as always, James Stephanie!

  14. The logo peek at the end was a fantastic gag

  15. Facebook employees couldn’t actually even physically get into their places of work when Facebook was down because their keycards were nullified during it.

  16. I bet that Switch OLED was still leagues easier to get than a PS5.

  17. “I’m professional, dammit!”

    You have no idea how much this resonates with me.

  18. Wait, people get crabby with you for having a Patreon? An ENTIRELY optional means of donating to you? Mkay, go off I guess.

  19. Why was anybody suprised about how much these streamers make? Subscriber numbers were pretty much public, you just had to multiply those numbers by 2,5, or 3,5 depending on the streamers contract. Some streamers even have the exact subscriber count in their overlay.
    The thing about “titty streamers” was just people from the US showing their puritan cultural background.

  20. 5:54 “With so much of the internet being carved up into fiefdoms operated by like, 3 or 4 massive corporations, the domino effect of a security breach is only going to be felt more and more over the years.”

    ^ THANK YOU for putting this current fucked up shape of the internet into words! I’ve been trying to sum up / explain to my younger niece how this has changed from the state of the internet I knew before she was born.

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