Layers Of Fear 2 – Layers Of… Oh Dear (Jimpressions)

I really want the Layers of Fear series to be good, but Layers of Fear 2 pretty much wallows in the same mediocrity its predecessor barely kept its head above.

Though they’ve added tangible threats and a little more variety of gameplay, this sequel feels more like a retread through a bargain basement, severely outdated horror structure. The genre needs a shakeup, and this ain’t it.


  1. _it’s what you were expecting, _*_and nothing else._*

  2. I just watch your videos to hear you say “tRiPLE AaAaaaay”

  3. Good morning Jim, would you like to hear about St. Louis’ Lord and Savior, Jordan Binnington?

  4. The best horror game I played is Darkwood. Best atmosphere and hopeless world ever. And it just came out on the switch

    Edit: if I can convince anybody to try it, I’m happy. If you don’t have the money, the dev team acid wizards put out a torrent of version 1.0 that can be found easily. Just buy it then if you liked it.

  5. Layers of fear has ONE trick, and that’s to make thing change behind you. By the end of the game I was just spinning in circles to keep things moving. Seriously the developers seem to have a fetish for 180° horror spooks.

  6. UnreasonableOpinions

    The only versions of this recently that were worth playing were SOMA, which made up for utterly formulaic gameplay with a genuinely compelling narrative and strong use of its setting and themes, and Observation, for offering a major shake-up to the entire gameplay mechanics on top of a solid sci-fi spook,

  7. Jim “I’m not angry just disappointed” Sterling

  8. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    “Layers of… Oh Dear” makes for a better title than Layers of Fear

  9. Monstrum’s pretty good, and I’m told Monstrum 2 is on the way.
    also Pathologic 2 hype

  10. The cyberpunk-horror Observer, from the same devs actually, starring Rutger Hauer is very good though.

  11. “Just to pay lip service” he said while collecting “Lips” item. This is how good editing works.

  12. Visually. The art direction of this game looks brilliant. Beautiful horror nightmare. Very artsy

    I would play it just to look at the weird esthetics it has going for it.

  13. It sounds like you’re saying “Laser Fear” which sounds like a better game.

  14. I actually like the fact that the original Layers of Fear had no literal game over, but had you instead constantly unsure of whether the monster ‘getting you’ was actually setting you back, or just pushing you somewhere else, or actually progressing you. Of course, that’s a tricky ruse to pull off, but needless to say I think just going “Ahhh, oh no, a monster, have a really linear chase sequence to run away, or else you’ll… Have to do it again!” is a definite downgrade.

  15. Originality is precisely the point. For me Layers of Fear 1 and 2 look and feel like one of the numerous games capitalizing on the vacuum P.T. left behind. Not saying these games are necessarily bad or uninspired but for that reason they don’t appeal to me at all.
    Soma and Observer on the other hand hooked me with unique premises and didn’t fail to deliver. I’ve also recently played through Darkwood and that was a great ride with some memorable moments and a truely particular feel to it.
    Other than that my favorite and most intense moments of psychological horror that derives from atmosphere in recent memory were in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

    Also: 7:56
    You’re welcome.

  16. So I guess you could say Layers Of Fear 2 is… paint by numbers?

  17. Phaedrus Socrates

    Listens to Jim’s monologue… Starts looking around room for a wheel…! 😂

  18. If your terrified of doing 180° and occasional 360° turns then this game may be to much for you

  19. Hannibal Lechter

    I love Jim’s version of the Jimmy Carr laugh @ 9:29ish.

  20. Psst- Enter the Gungeon is free on the 3p1c store.

    Pssspssst- You didn’t hear this from me.

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