The game is actually called “nvgame,” but you’ll instantly see why I’m calling it something else.


  1. Pretty sure Valve is just going to delete Greenlight and apologize for it.
    I wouldn’t even be upset if they did. I would completely understand at this

  2. This… can’t be real.

  3. If they wanted to donate to Child’s Play (where the Greenlight fee goes)
    then why don’t they just donate to Child’s Play without wasting their time
    making a Greenlight page? If their submissions are so blatantly bullshit
    they should be forced to pay the fee every time rather than the 1 time per
    account or better yet just ban them. Greenlight will likely never rise
    above all the garbage but they can at least try to stem the tide.

  4. Jim, you international terrorist, you can’t use that footage of John Oliver
    here! That’s stealing! To the re-education camp with you.

  5. John Oliver dating sim confirmed?

  6. This just confirms how nothing will come from greenlight… don’t prove me
    wrong just accept my statement! I’m too right to be wrong! Look at this!!

  7. and its gone

  8. This is actually on steam greenlight? Seriously man?

  9. well…even steam where fast on putting a ‘copyright beat-down’ on that


  11. its already gone

  12. Just you wait, Jim. When this actually turns out to be the best game ever,
    you’ll be so sorry.

  13. I think this guy might be on your side, Jim.

  14. what the fuck.

  15. Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

  16. I saw Ender’s Game the movie on Steam once. not Greenlight…Steam proper.

  17. Is this Frog Fractions 2?

  18. oh and BTW the description is just about wow.
    its basically listing all the expansions that wow have
    from the burning crusade to legion.
    why is this piece of news description for anything?

  19. “The best game of the world is coming”

    Well, technically – I mean, I wouldn’t say he’s wrong. The best game that
    humanity will ever produce probably hasn’t been developed yet. We’ve got
    the whole long future ahead of us, and games are generally getting better
    all the time – I’d say that whatever the ‘best game ever’ is, it’s probably
    going to exist at some point in the future.

    He’s not necessarily saying that this game is the best game in the world.
    Only that the best game in the world… is coming. Someday.

  20. Greenlight page for the “game” got taken down.


  22. Dat Black Ops reference tho.

  23. Dogs don’t like hugs? :(

  24. You know what? In all the time I’ve watched you, Jim, I never thought I’d
    hear your thoughts on John Oliver… At least that came out of this.

  25. This game looks interesting. I’m looking forward to early access.

  26. Damn, when I got the notification on my phone (no thumbnail to know it was
    a greenlight video) I was hoping it meant that somehow John Oliver had
    become wise to the ContentID gridlock system and would expose contentID
    bullshit on his show. Instead, it’s this cocking mess. What even is going
    on here? At first with a title like nvgame and just random trailer I
    thought maybe it was some dev testing placeholder we weren’t meant to find,
    but the chinese description and chrome screenshots just make it mind

  27. …if I had to guess? This might be someone that’s still getting a feel for
    the interface using placeholder images and video, and accidentally his
    “publish”. Only rational possibility I can think of.

  28. Test post, please ignore.

  29. Hope it has microtransactions!

  30. nvgame ?= not videogame

  31. Raven Dungeon Master

    I love that show!

  32. the description is just stuff about wow release dates I think. I can’t be
    fucked to try and read it, but one things for sure… that’s a hundred
    bucks flushed down the drain.

  33. I said people are spamming Greenlight with shit.

  34. Der Schaufmenrech

    Is Steam Greenlight becoming the new youtube? I mean there are Videos,
    descriptions and comments! perfect right? Maybe I’ll upload some dank
    food-challange tomorrow and at the end….I don’t know…ask for

  35. This seems like a great new way to host pirated video content. I look
    forward to seeing the next episode of GoT uploaded as a trailer for

  36. And so, like YT was first a dating site, now Steam Greenlight will become a
    video hosting website.

  37. dontrestyourhead


  38. greenlight never ceases to amaze

  39. This video got ad claimed Jim

  40. Still better than most shit on greenlight.

  41. Евгений Фуко

    I once streamed porn with steam braadcast, not even banned XD

  42. Antoni Makaroni

    Someone wasted $100 on this. Wow.

  43. I’m going to record myself speaking in tongues and put that over a clip
    from Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ll post it on steam greenlight under the
    name JFSSplaysw/oballs_v2. My studios name will be Joseph, yep just Joseph.
    And the Icon for the game will be a picture of the hairs growing out of my

  44. I was just watching John Oliver

  45. I still have a question, where are the RPG elements?

  46. must be part of the Five Year Plan

  47. Paweł Wolnicki

    Maybe this is another test of Greenlight.

  48. Neoshaman Fulgurant

    Well at least something PLAYS …

  49. At least the Content ID system on Greenlight isn’t Youtube’s

  50. It costs 100 dollars to do this shit but ey, u got on Greenlight nonsense
    with Jim Sterling

  51. I would’ve loved to see the page in question but apparently (but not
    surprising) it was taken down.

  52. Greenlight has become a parody of itself.

  53. I feel like, after reading the page, some horrible monstrosity is going
    creep out of a portal from the darkest trench of the blackest hell, and eat
    my soul as well as my cats.

  54. JackIntheBoxGaming

    okay, genuinely confused….

  55. Big SausageTits

    yeah….ill stick to console gaming

  56. $100 well spent.

  57. Someone finally invented the ungame.

  58. Once again,I’d be convinced some people must think Greenlight is video
    sharing site…if it wasn’t for the werid “screenshots” I guess the truth
    is Greenlight really is just this awful now.

  59. i bet this person wanted to further show how ANYTHING can be uploaded to

  60. So is this like Dark Souls?

  61. throningermine8

    I was thinking of comparing this to VTO Doy, but at least VTO Doy seemed to
    be an actual game, mind-boggling or otherwise.

  62. this looks like an arg or something

  63. Dabombinable Mi

    …and its gone from Steam

  64. These are dark times we live in.

  65. Of course you like John Oliver, how else would you know what *the current
    year* is…

  66. Soumya Pattanayak

    Somebody spent 100$ to do this. Wow.

  67. So… is this some way of circumventing Net restrictions to view Last Week
    Tonight? Is Steam not blacklisted in China or something? This really seems
    like a bafflingly complex bootstrap job.

  68. Are we gonna get any Uncharted 4 gameplay?

  69. Clap, clap, clap. Well done with curation Valve. Thankfully I’ve been
    moving over to GOG.

  70. Is this just some kind of new spambot? There propably is a way they could
    give you a virus through steam.

  71. Hot Garbage Industries

    now removed from greenlight, and it looks like the c2engine account is
    heading that way

  72. OMG hhahaha the description is the World of Warcraft description in
    Simplified Chinese hahhaa

  73. The funniest part though is how the guy who wrote the first comment in
    Chinese saying that “Did you know that you can change the visibility to
    “Private” on Greenlight?” Still not sure what this dev is trying to
    achieve, I’m all for them trying to prove how full of holes Greenlight is

  74. Funny thing about this is you’re the one that’ll get copyright struck for
    showing that footage.

  75. Did the person putting it on steam greenlight even know what steam
    greenlight is and what he’s doing?

  76. Hatty Hattington

    The “Developer” did post a comment saying “This was just a test to see how
    to upload a game to Greenlight.”

  77. I am pretty sure this was just testing Steam greenlight productivity.
    Doesn’t seem to be working.

  78. Did they do this to avoid censorship somehow? Video distribution by steam ?

  79. The internet has become sentient and is now posting crap on greenlight.

  80. This has to be the ‘developer’ proving some kind of point, like how
    anything can get on Greenlight regardless of quality or even if it’s a game.
    I refuse to believe this is unironic.

  81. I seriously wouldn’t even be surprised if this gets through greenlight.

  82. *Sigh*

  83. Two British expatriates who live in America and are popular entertainment
    personalities–are Jim Sterling and John Oliver actually the same person?

  84. Last Week tonight is region locked on youtube, maybe this is meant to be a
    way to get around it?

    Or maybe Last Week Tonight are going to do a story on Steam/Greenlight?

  85. current year

  86. The author took it down, such a shame.

  87. Loved the Black Ops Reference

  88. soon Steam Greenlight is going to be a haven for video piracy.

  89. IGN 10/10

  90. It is probably placeholder that some guy did not set to private. (The first
    Chinese reply basically means “do you not know Greenlight can be set to

  91. Every time something like this happens I just want to meet and talk with
    the person responsible.
    How is this person actually in real life and why did this happen and what
    sparked the idea?

  92. It’s as if they meant to upload game footage and screenshots but borked it
    so completely that they passed it off as intentional out of embarrassment.
    There’s a reason why simply adding a number to a generic file name is a bad

  93. I say we all upvote this to rub the toxic waste dump that is steam
    greenlight in Valve’s faces.

  94. Someone wanted to be featured on Jim Sterling’s Steam Greenlight series.

  95. And now… this

  96. TWENTY

  97. this baffling at best

  98. Well, if someone from China uploaded it, then no wonder. Their minds are
    often… rather unique, shall we say.

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