Konami Reveals A New Silent Hill… And It’s A Slot Machine!

Konami is Konami, and Konami is the worst! Japan’s crummiest mainstream game publisher has unveiled a new Silent Hill… slot machine. A straight up casino box. Because of course.

In a move that, at this point, is only tragically funny, Konami has reaffirmed its commitment to making money off its properties moneysuck machines. It’s not just pachinko anymore – Silent Hill’s gone full gambling!

So there’s your #FucKonami News for today. Remember when Hideo Kojima was gonna make a Silent Hill game?

Source: https://www.relyonhorror.com/latest-news/new-silent-hill-slot-machine-announced/

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  1. 2K Games: “We put a slotmachine in our game!”
    Konami: “But. What if we put… a game in a slotmachine though?”

  2. Honestly, Konami’s only good decision in recent years was to let Nintendo have free reign on Castlevania content in Smash Ultimate. But when you’re best action is inaction…

  3. Jacobus Engelbrecht

    “First glimpse at what’s to come.”

    Oh lord.

  4. “In my restless dreams I see that game… Silent Hill…”

  5. A ‘Silent Hill’ slot machine?

    *ESRB rates it E.*

  6. “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it’s a comedy.” -Konami

  7. Silent Hill fans: Pull the lever Konami

    Konami: *pulls lever

    Silent Hill fans: WRONG LEVEEEEEEEER!

  8. I’m genuinely sad that I will never see Silent Hills made. Here’s to hope Kojima makes another horror series.

  9. I cannot overstate this enough: this series deserves waaaaaay better.

  10. “In a casino nobody can hear you scream!”

  11. Players: “We want good video games!”

    Konami: “Here you go!” **Sprinkles video games in gambling**

  12. “Sell it to Capcom” best idea of 2019.

  13. Lmao, notice *nowhere* in their statement did they EVER mention anything about making games.

  14. You almost have to respect the honesty of “here is a literal slot machine” instead of the *pathetic* excuses for lootboxes that EA, Ubi, WB, and Acti Blizz come up with

  15. Gamers’ hysterically laugh but the truth is that they’re hurt.

  16. Konami: Why spend a lot of money to make games when games can just make a lot of money instead?

  17. When Konami wanted to earn people’s “trust” back they meant people’s “trust funds”

  18. Sebastian Weinberg

    3:17 — “maximize […] operational results.”
    “Operational Results” meaning “amount of money squeezed out of its victims”, in this context.

  19. “Do you guys not have phones?”
    “Do you guys not have gambling money to spend?”

  20. 1998: Psycho Mantis tells me that I like Azure Dreams.
    2019: Psycho Mantis asks me why I don’t like gambling or loot boxes.

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