Kirby Star Allies – Dededelightful (Jimpressions)

The Switch continues a hot streak as Kirby’s latest sequel turns out to be good… because it’s a Kirby game.


  1. Jim fucking Sterling Son you make me hard with your love of Kirby

  2. 2:03 Ball of candy corn
    2:40 HUGE Ball of candy corn

  3. I work for Xtreme Magazine Jim! Can we do a live interview on instagram? Widen your audience and i get to interview one of my favorite people!!?!?!?!?

  4. Looks a bit style over substance

  5. First Mario and now Kirby.
    Next are we going to see Splatoon throw in Mind Control passed off as something cute and innocent?

  6. The part with the little fire ally being unable to get into the cannon… was entirely your fault. Go watch it again, you fumbled around, and he didn’t have enough time to get there. Not a big deal or anything, but I don’t think that’s a flaw with the game; it’s part of the “challenge” for that particular segment.
    Like getting your whole crew into a bobsled efficiently.

  7. Sterling and the Waddle-Clumps should compose Sterdust’s entrance music.

  8. to be fair jim, the ai tried to get in the cannon but you gave him seriously like half a second, you took forever to jump into the cannon after lighting the match. But yeah i guess it would be cool for them to hop in before you, but then that could be annoying.

  9. Should we be concerned that Nintendo is starting to go with a mind control theme with Switch?

  10. More mind control in a Nintendo game.

  11. Kirby~ there is no need to feel down~ I say kirby~ pick yourself off the ground~

  12. Meta knight should have been a 5$ dlc please Nintendo what are you doing?

  13. Also…I disagree with the idea that ALL Kirby games are easy.

    Amazing Mirror, Squeak Squad and Adventure weren’t exactly walks in the park.

  14. Jim, mayhap your reason for loving Kirby is seeing yourself in him.


  15. Kirby is a vore god that gains power by consuming
    Dark souls, you level up by consuming souls of defeated enemies.
    Not that different…

  16. Note: as other comments have pointed out, the fire ally not getting into the cannon was due to me faffing about in the game more than the AI. Although the AI can be terrible at picking up cues and doing their thing, this was not a clear example due to my own messing around.

    That said, the game *did* try and make two allies get into the same cannon, so I don’t agree with this being “entirely” my fault.

  17. Evil Jon Clone 666

    I mean it’s not very difficult to be better than most AAA games.

  18. I gotta say, it’s nice hearing you talk about a game you really like. Your passion comes out in both the videos where you talk about the really good or the really bad, but lord knows my depressed ass loves to hear someone’s delight over a good game. Hope your day’s good, Jim.

  19. Who doesnt love a kirby game? Always fun to play

  20. Kirby games are great relaxing fun. Just the kind of thing you wanna play after a weekend spent playing Monster Hunter.

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