Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Re-Reviewing A Remastered Re-Release (Jimpressions)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a pretty basic remaster of a game that could have stood see more improvements. It’s not terrible, but Amalur shows its age despite some convenience overhauls.

Still, the action RPG holds up really well, still looks nice, and boasts that excellent character building system that encourages a ton of experimentation.


  1. “Why does it always rain on me…”

  2. Rhode Island governor wants to know your location

  3. You should take it down then put it back up so you can add “reupload”

  4. I remember one of the issues people having with this “remaster” alongside the lack of QoL, is just that it’s so, eh?
    The loading screens, the bugs and it just doesn’t feel like there was much of a graphical update if at all. Like, it looks largely the same. Just with a shader that gives it more colour I suppose. I mean I like the art style of the game but as a re-release, it’s just kind of okay?

    The discount on Steam for original version owners is pretty decent at least I guess.

    And they are planning to add a new expansion next year, so that’s something at least.

  5. Loved the game when it first came out. Everyone was referring it as “Skyrim with good combat”.

  6. I’m about 50 years old. I use to own this game on PS3, but that broke and never finished it. Glad I can finish it. Didn’t care that it wasn’t re-mastered with facial type graphics. It’s still fun

  7. I started playing the game again and enjoyed it, but had tons of weird performance issues in the first town. Was getting 20FPS if I looked toward the inn and 200FPS if I looked anywhere else. Going to wait (and hope) for patches because I never had these issues with the original.

    By the way there is also a press left stick / L3 option to sprint in the controls options, at least on the PC version. Helps with the A / X button issue a lot.

  8. Is that the remastered version on screen?! It doesn’t seem all that different from the original. And I only played it a few months ago, so its fresh in my mind.

  9. Peter Molyneux may be pure evil, but he DID drive his slaves to create a game where you can shoot lightning from your middle finger as you flip off your enemies.

    THAT’S the ultimate moral conundrum…wait wrong game..patch incoming.

  10. Engineer Lume is here!

    “I really like the monster designs…”
    Thanks Todd McFarlane!

  11. Ah yes, who could forget about the Rave Axe?

  12. Kinda disappointing, I was hoping they’d rework the game a little more, as it was a diamond in the rough. Yet they wasted the games potential again

  13. Coming from someone who adored the original game, I feel that part of the disappointment was that they made CGI trailers to try and build up hype, but in the end there’s not much more to enjoy that wasn’t in the original game aside from a better frame rate, and the expansion isn’t coming until next year. Also, there are some weird glitches going around; I’ve encountered a few locked chests in game that don’t have lids on, and one journalist I know of said that the game crashed each time she plugged and unplugged her headphones, which is almost Betheda-esque levels of buggy.

  14. you know. i bought it even after owning the original for one reason:
    this is the second chance the series deserves. mismanagement killed it, thq nordic saved it.
    i…. actually am rooting for thq nordic.

  15. “Looks like they Remastered only the price”

    *Ba Dum Tsss*

  16. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Darkness edition

  17. One thing that surprises me A LOT is that they kept the Mass Effect themed DLC in this re release. I wonder how the hell did EA allow that

  18. Jim, Amalur had 2 VERY large DLC expansions (each one adding 5+ hours of content in entirely new large zones with lots of quests). Quality wise they were fairly decent to good DLC content as well (in terms of story / quests and locations)

  19. You didn’t mention that Electronic Arts have removed the original Amalur from Steam (which costed just $5), so now you HAVE to purchase the re-reckoning version for $40 or whatever (or pirate it)

  20. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Shading

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